10 Top Free Online Photo Editors to Change Background Colour to White, How to Use Them

Focusing on the subject at all times is a must while editing photos. Having an interesting take on things is nice, but the topic is often forgotten. That’s why it’s so crucial to keep your camera’s focus where it needs to be throughout the entire shoot. By making the color of your subject pop against a pure white backdrop, you may draw the most attention to it. The best online photo editors for changing the background color to white or removing unwanted parts of an image are listed below. Learn where to edit your pictures online and where to get the best background-altering tools. towards the direction of white.

10 Top Free Online Photo Editors to Change Background Colour to White, How to Use Them

List of 10 Top Free Online Photo Editors to Change Background Color to White

  1. Removebg
  2. Fotor
  3. Clipping Magic
  4. Pixlr
  5. Canva


If you want to quickly and easily eliminate the background of an image in a web-based editor, removebg is your best bet. It’s quick and easy, and the final products look great. Everything on this site, including file uploading and downloading, is done automatically, which is one of our favorite features of the application. It’s also possible to alter your profile photo if you so choose. The Removebg offers two subscription levels, each with additional features. You may also incorporate removebg into Adobe Photoshop.

Use removebg to Remove Background: How to Do It

  1. Go to https://www.remove.bg/.
  2. You can either drop it directly onto the site or use your file manager to upload it.
  3. After the image is posted, the backdrop will be removed automatically.
  4. By selecting the background option, you can make changes to the background or select an area of the image to either delete or restore.
  5. Both a 670372 “good quality” version and a 1440800 “best quality” version of the final file will be made accessible. If you want the high-resolution picture at no cost, you’ll need to sign up first.

Removebg: Pros and Cons

Simple and easy methodVery few options to modify the image
Fast processing


Fotor is a full-fledged desktop application that also functions as an online picture editor and collage maker. Fotor’s full functionality is available in both the web-based interface and the downloadable desktop app. For simple editing jobs, the web-based version is what you should use. You may get all the extras by paying for the pro version. On the main page of Fotor, you can choose to Edit a photo, Make a design, or Make a collage. It has many tools for photo editing: Amazing photo effects, background removal, enhanced photos, cropping, and resizing capabilities. Some of Fotor’s most notable features, including an Effects panel and a One-Tap Enhance button, provide you access to some fundamental editing tools.

How to Use Fotor to Remove Background

  1. Start by visiting https://www.fotor.com/. and selecting ‘Create a design’ from the menu.
  2. Fotor has a variety of preset sizes and shapes for you to utilize for your photographs.
  3. If you want to post your own photo to Fotor, you’ll need to create an account first.
  4. Select the image, and the “Background Remover” menu should appear. Smart Portrait Cutout and Custom Cutout, two of Fotor’s premium features, will be shown to you.
  5. To get rid of the backdrop picture, you might use any of these methods. Select the white backdrop from the left-hand background menu.
  6. To save your completed picture, select Download from the menu on the right.

Fotor: Pros and Cons

1-Tap Enhance featureNo RAW support for Online version
Effect PanelBackground remover is a pro feature

Clipping Magic

When compared to Fotor, Clipping Magic is easier to use and understand. Clipping Magic may only be used to alter or remove a photo’s backdrop. The nicest feature about this application is that it automatically finds the topic and removes the backgrounds; the user doesn’t have to do anything other than upload the image and receive the edited version. However, with Clipping Magic, you can make adjustments to the image’s brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. User-selected regions of an image can be discarded or preserved. Access to the high-quality, watermark-free images is available via one of three subscription plans.

How to Use Clipping Magic to Remove Background

The following steps will show you how to use Clipping Magic to change the image’s background color to White:

  1. Go to https://clippingmagic.com/
  2. Once you’ve uploaded your photo, you’ll have access to the editor.
  3. Two slides will be displayed, one with the original image and one with a blank white background. Backgrounds can be easily eliminated by using Clipping Magic.
  4. Now, if you go to the bottom left and click on the backdrop, you’ll see a palette of options. Pick White and save your picture.

Just make the background of your photo white, and you’re all set. We trust that you find Clipping Magic to be an extremely helpful and simple-to-operate tool.

Clipping Magic: Pros and Cons

Detects the subject and remove the backgroundRequire credits to save results after 1 download
Multiple background optionsLimited to clipping tool only


Pixlr is sometimes referred to as “online Photoshop” since it provides a user interface very similar to Photoshop and a number of tools with which to alter the image. Ads provide the primary revenue stream for the Pixlr Editor, which is why they take up 20% of the screen real estate on the right. And if you try to use an ad blocker after that, you’ll be out of luck. The Pixlr program includes many options, from simple adjustments to more advanced ones. There are many benefits to using Pixlr, a cloud-based image editor. On the main page of Pixlr, you’ll see two options: Pixlr E, an expert picture editor, and Pixlr X, a simple editor. We’ll use Pixlr X to make the picture’s backdrop white.

How to Use Pixlr to Remove Background

  1. To use Pixlr X, navigate to https://pixlr.com/.
  2. The image upload prompt has appeared. When finished, it will direct you to the relevant resource.
  3. You can get rid of the background by using the ‘Cutout’ option. You can choose ‘Magic Cutout’ to automatically remove the backdrop, or you can utilize the other tools to isolate the appropriate regions.
  4. Simply point to the background you wish to get rid of and click to get rid of an identical section of the image.
  5. Returning to the list of available options, select “Layout & Template,” enable the background option, and select white as the desired color.
  6. You can now save the image by clicking the save button.

Pixlr: Pros and Cons

Supports layers and masksAds take 20% of the screen
Customisable interfaceMagic Remover Tool doesn’t work accurately

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When it comes to free, web-based photo editors, Canva is hard to beat. It has a great UI that anyone can pick up and use, and it gives you access to a wide variety of editing tools. The ability to crop out an image’s background is one of them. Canva makes it easy to eliminate distracting backgrounds from your photos with just one click. The one exception is that Canva will not allow you to restore any elements of an item that it may have cropped out. However, Canva does an excellent job of pinpointing the image’s borders in order to crop off the irrelevant background. Canva’s background removal tool is unfortunately only available to those who pay the software’s Rs 500/month or Rs 3,999/annual premium subscription fee.

How to Use Canva to Remove Background

  • First, open up Canva.com.
  • Then, in the upper-right, choose Create a design and decide on a size.
  • Then, on the left side, click the Upload button. Select the document you want to work on, and then click the Background to White button. If you want, you can simply drop the file from your computer into Canva’s Upload page.
  • Once the image has loaded, select it from the right-hand edit board and then hit the Edit image button.
  • In the new window, select Background Remover.

Canva: Pros and Cons

All-rounder photo editorNo additional settings for background remover
Intuitive interfaceProfessional editing tools missing

To change the color of an image’s backdrop to white, use one of the above-mentioned free online photo editors. I was wondering which one you liked best. Post your thoughts in the discussion below.

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