Best Airtel Postpaid Plans 2023: List of Airtel Postpaid Plus Plans with Price, Free OTT Benefits and More

Airtel has one of the most extensive selections of postpaid plans available. Airtel postpaid could be a good option if you prefer paying for your telecommunications services on a monthly basis and value reliability.

You should research the best Airtel postpaid plan before committing to one of their services. Airtel offers postpaid plans beginning at Rs 399 and going all the way up to Rs 2,299. Bundled plans from Airtel include the telecom connection as well as Airtel fiber and Airtel DTH. The plans also include a slew of other perks, such as access to unlimited bandwidth, additional lines, data rollover, free services from a variety of OTT providers, and more. In this article, we will examine Airtel’s postpaid plans in detail.

The Best Airtel Postpaid Recharge Plans

Best Airtel Postpaid Plans 2023: List of Airtel Postpaid Plus Plans with Price, Free OTT Benefits and More
PlanData and CallsBenefitsValidity
Rs 39940 GB with a rollover of 200 GB 100 SMS
30 days
Rs 49975GB with a rollover of 200GB Unlimited calling 100 SMSsubscription to Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ Hotstar mobile30 days
Rs 59975 GB with a rollover of 200 GB Unlimited calling 100An additional SIM card’s worth of Amazon Prime Video Mobile Disney+ Hotstar Streaming Wynk Music Phone Covers30 days
Rs 999100 GB with a rollover of 200 GB Unlimited calls 100An additional 3 SIM cards, each with 30GB of data A Membership to Amazon Prime Video Mobile Disney+ Hotstar Streaming Smartphone Security Airtel Xtreme App Membership Wynk Music New Fastag Apollo 24-7 subscribers save Rs 100.30 days
Rs 1199150GB with a rollover of 200GB Unlimited calls 100 SMSAn additional 3 SIM cards, each with 30GB of data A Membership to Amazon Prime Video Mobile Disney+ Hotstar Streaming Basic Device Security for Netflix Wynk Music30 days
Rs 1499200 GB with a rollover of 200 GB Unlimited calling 100Extra 4 SIM cards, each with 30GB of data A Membership to Amazon Prime Video A Mobile Streaming Subscription to Netflix, Standard Disney, and Hotstar Wynk Music Phone Covers30 days

Rs 399 Airtel postpaid plan

When it comes to Airtel plans, this is the cheapest one. The company provides free domestic long-distance and international calls, as well as 100 daily SMS.

Users can roll over unused data up to a total of 200GB per month. If the user goes over their data limit, they will be charged 2p per additional MB.

This package does not include any additional OTT app access; however, it does provide an unlimited music membership to Wynk. Included perks include access to Hello Tunes for an unlimited amount of time, an Apollo 24/7 subscription, and Rs 100 off your first order of Fastag from Airtel.

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Rs. 499 Airtel postpaid plan

The second-cheapest postpaid plan from Airtel includes 100 daily SMS and unlimited local, STD, and roaming calling.

The customer is allotted 75 GB of data per month, with the option to carry over unused data up to a maximum of 200 GB. Overage fees for data use are 2 pence per megabyte.

In addition to everything you get with the Rs. 399 plan, you also get a six-month Amazon Prime Video membership and a year of Disney+ on Hotstar. The Airtel Xstream app is available to you as well. If your phone is damaged due to an accident or liquid, Airtel will pay up to 60% of the repair cost.

Rs. 599 Airtel Postpaid Plan

The Airtel Rs. 599 postpaid plan is up next. The newest postpaid plan has some appealing features. The initial monthly data allocation is 75 GB. In addition to free, unlimited voice conversations, users will also receive 100 text messages daily. One supplementary connection is included at no extra cost, and both phone and data usage are unrestricted.

The postpaid package also includes a free 6-month Amazon Prime membership, a free year of Disney+ Hotstar, Wynk music, device protection, and more.

Rs. 999 Airtel postpaid plan

The Airtel postpaid plan that costs Rs 999 allows up to three people to share a single plan. With this postpaid plan, you can use a master SIM and up to three other SIM cards at once.

Primary SIM users receive 100GB of data each month, with secondary SIM users receiving 30GB.

Every SIM card has access to 100 daily text messages and unlimited calling. And the same advantages of an OTT subscription as the Rs. 499 plan are yours to enjoy. Included in this package is coverage for your handheld device.

Rs 1199 Airtel postpaid plan

Similar to the Rs 999 postpaid plan, the Rs 1,119 postpaid plan allows you to add three more SIM cards to your account.

Each additional SIM card comes with 30 GB of data, for a total of 150 GB with this package. It also includes 100 free text messages every day and unlimited talk time.

The Rs. 999 plan provides the same perks as the other plans in this category, such as access to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ on Hotstar, the Airtel Xtreme plan, and more.

Rs 1499 Airtel postpaid plan

When compared to other Airtel postpaid plans, this one offers the maximum data at 200GB per month. It has the same 100 SMS and unlimited calling that other plans do. It allows for up to four SIM cards per family, each with 30GB of data.

You receive access to Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hotstar, Airtel Xtreme, and more, just like with the Rs 1,199 package.

Airtel Black Plans

One distinctive feature of Airtel postpaid plans is the ability to bundle telecommunications with Airtel Xtreme fiber and Airtel Digital TV on a single postpaid line. The prices for this package, known as Airtel Black, range from Rs 699 to Rs 2,099. Plan details for Airtel Black in 2023 are detailed below.

How do I get an Airtel postpaid connection?

Here’s how you can quickly get a new Airtel postpaid connection:

  1. Please go to for more information.
  2. To purchase a plan, first decide which one you need and then hit the Buy button.
    The following page will prompt you to select the desired connection type:
    1. Fresh link
    2. The Airtel (MNP) Switch
    3. From Prepaid to Postpaid on Airtel
  3. Put in your full name and phone number here.
  4. Schedule a door-to-door Know Your Customer Check by picking a city and providing your address.
  5. The Send button must be clicked.
  6. An Airtel representative will come to your location to finish up the remaining steps.

How do I pay my postpaid bill through the Airtel Thanks App?

The Airtel Thanks app is your one-stop shop for everything related to your Airtel connection, including postpaid bill payment. Here’s how you use the Airtel Thanks app to settle your postpaid bill:

  1. Launch the Airtel app and enter your details to start earning rewards.
  2. Access the Bills Payable pages.
  3. Just go with postpaid.
  4. Fill out your contact information below.
  5. To continue, please click the Next button.
  6. Put down some cash.

To make a postpaid bill payment with Airtel, go to

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the best Airtel postpaid plan?

The cheapest plan, at Rs 399, is a reasonable option, but the best, at Rs 499, provides you access to Disney+ Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video subscriptions and more bandwidth to use them.

2) Does Airtel have a 199 postpaid plan?

The previous Rs. 199 postpaid plan was discontinued by Airtel and is currently unavailable.

3) How do I pay the Airtel postpaid bill easily?

Paying your postpaid bills is simple with the Airtel Thanks app.

4) How do I check the data balance in Airtel Postpaid?

Using the Airtel Thanks app, you can see how much data you have left on your Airtel postpaid plan. When you launch the Airtel Thanks app, the remaining data will be clearly visible.

5) How do I check the Airtel postpaid plan?

Through the Airtel Thanks app, you can view the Airtel postpaid plan.

6) Which is the cheapest Airtel postpaid plan?

The least expensive postpaid plan offered by Airtel is the Rs. 399 plan.

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