All Airtel Ussd Codes List 2023 (Offer+Net+Balance+Loan+SMS+Data+Validity}

Airtel All USSD Codes List 2023 (Offer+Net+Balance+Loan+SMS+Data+Validity} By collecting all the Ussd Codes of Airtel, we have made a list, which we are going to share with you, you can find the one according to your need. We can use it accordingly, whenever we want to know about any service or want to check balance, SMS balance, main balance, data check balance, for this we  need different Ussd Codes  , But in the absence of code, we are not able to know about that service.

What is Ussd Code?

Ussd’s full form is Unstructured Supplementary Service Data , USSD uses a code made up of characters available on the mobile. A USSD message, which can be up to 182 characters long, establishes a real-time communication session between the phone and another device – typically, a network or server.

USSD codes can be used for wireless application protocol (WAP) browsing, mobile money services, prepaid callback service, menu-based information services, and location-based content services.

In Ussd Codes List  , you can use the code according to your need, in this list I have tried to give all the Ussd Codes of Airtel, like Airtel Customer Care, Number Airtel Complaint Number, 2G Data Balance Check Number, 3G Data Balance Number, 4G Data Balance Number, Airtel Night Data Balance Check Number, Airtel Value Added Services, Missed Call Alert, Free Facebook Access, Twitter Service Apart from this, there are many USSD codes which are included in this list.

Airtel All Ussd Codes List 20223 (Offer+Net+Balance+Loan+SMS+Data+Validity}

  • Airtel Customer Care Number 121 और 198
  • Airtel Balance Check *123#
  • 2G Data Balance Check  *123*10#
  • 3G Data Balance Check * 121 * 51 # then type 4,
  • 4G Data Balance Check * 121 * 51 # then type 4,
  • Check Best Offer *121*1# OR Call on 12131
  • Airtel 2G Internet Data MB Loan  *141*567#
  • Airtel To Airtel Talktime Balance Transfer  *141#
  • Airtel Credit Talktime Loan Dial *141# or call 52141,
  • Check Your Mobile Number *282*
  • Check Your Mobile Number *121*9#
  • Airtel Hello Tune Service *678#
  • Unlimited Calling & Data Pack Offers  *121*1#
  • Recharge With Coupon Card  *121*3#
  • Airtel Internet Data Loan   Dial *141# or call 52141,
  • Airtel 2G/3G/4G Data Pack  *121*8#  Dial And   Reply 3
  • Check Best Offer Dial *121*1# or Call 12131,
  • Airtel 2G/3G/4G  Best Internet Offer *121*11#
  • Airtel 2G/3G/4G Data Pack Balance Check *121*11#
  • Airtel Voice And  Roaming Packs *222#
  • Check Last 5  Debits Detail  *121*7#
  • Last Recharge History Details Check *121*7#  And   Reply 6
  • Activate Airtel DND Service Send  SMS >  START,  To 1909
  • Hello Tune Service  *678#
  • Find Nearest Airtel Store Send  SMS “ARC” To 121
  • Airtel Digital TV *121*6#
  • Airtel Miss Call Alert Service  *888#
  • Port Mobile Number Send SMS  > PORT  Space Mobile Number  To 1900
  • Twitter Service  *515#
  • Free Facebook Access  *325#
  • Airtel GPRS Internet Settings Send  SMS   MO To 54321
  • Airtel 3G & 4G Internet Data Loan *141*567#
  • DND Activation/Deactivation 1909
  • Airtel Value Added Services  *121*4#

Airtel All Ussd Codes List 2023 (Offer+Net+Balance+Loan+SMS+Data+Validity} will help you a lot in using Airtel Sim, hope you like this information then share this post with your friends Definitely do it.

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