All Jio Data Plans List 2024: Best Jio Data Booster Packs that Offer Up to 730GB Data, and More

Reliance Jio is still one of India’s leading mobile phone service providers. The company has also become well known for its innovative, cost-effective mobile recharge plans. The cost of the operator’s prepaid plans has, however, lately increased. However, the corporation has recently offered exciting new data options for its clients. This article will examine the Jio booster packs that may be added to existing Jio plans in order to provide users with additional data. In addition to your current plan, the firm offers Work for Home Jio data booster options that provide even more data. Plans range in price from INR 181 to INR 301. Find out all you need to know about the Jio data boosting plans, including their features, duration, and more.

Jio Data Booster Plans in 2024 with Up to 730GB of Data and OTT Benefits

All Jio Data Plans List 2024: Best Jio Data Booster Packs that Offer Up to 730GB Data, and More

The various data plans now available from Jio range in price from Rs 15 up to Rs 2998. We’ve compiled a list of all 10 4G data coupons that can be used by Jio prepaid customers right now.

Jio Booster Pack or VoucherValidityData AllowanceBenefits
Rs 15As per existing plan1 GBN/A
Rs 19As per existing plan1.5GBN/A
Rs 25As per existing plan2GBN/A
Rs 29As per existing plan2.5GBN/A
Rs 61As per existing plan6GBN/A
Rs 121As per existing plan12GBN/A
Rs 222As per existing plan50GBN/A
Rs 181 Data Add-On Pack30 Days30GBN/A
Rs 241 Data Add-On Pack30 Days40GBN/A
Rs 301 Data Add-On Pack30 Days50GBN/A
Rs 444 Data Add-On Pack60 Days100GBN/A
Rs 555 Data Add-On Pack55 Days55GBJioTV, JioCinema, JioSecurity, and JioCloud subscription
Rs 667 Data Add-On Pack90 Days150GBN/A
Rs 2,878 Data Add-On Pack365 Days730GBN/A

Let’s take a deeper dive into each of these 4G data plans and see what they have to offer.

Rs. 15 Jio Data Booster Plan

This tiny voucher gives consumers 1GB of data in addition to the data allotted in their primary recharge plan, making it the most cheap 4G data plan currently offered by Jio. There are no phone or texting features included with the voucher.

Rs. 19 Jio Data Booster Plan

The company also offers a more modestly priced booster package with an additional 1.5 GB of data on top of the primary data allotment. The coupon is good for the same amount of time as the current plan and offers no additional benefits.

Rs. 25 Jio Data Booster Plan

Jio also sells a reasonably cheap 4G data coupon for Rs 25 that provides 2GB of unlimited internet (not limited to a single day). If you regularly exceed your daily data limit but need only 2GB more, this plan may be ideal for you. The remaining 2GB of your Jio plan’s data allotment will be available to you for the duration of your primary plan’s validity.

Rs 29 Jio Data Booster Plan

The following booster package increased the price to Rs. 29. You’ll get 2.5GB of additional data on top of your regular data allowance. There is no expiration date on the pack, so it is good till your main pack runs out.

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Rs. 61 Jio Data Booster Plan

The Jio Rs. 61 recharge package is designed for customers who unexpectedly require more data (maybe because they will be working from home for a week). This data plan, like the others on this list, may only be used in conjunction with an existing Jio plan. There is a total of 6GB of high-speed data available with this package.

Rs. 121 Jio Data Booster Plan

Jio’s Rs. 121 4G data voucher gives you 12GB of extra data on top of your regular data allotment.  This data plan, like the previous three, is meant to be used in addition to your primary recharge package. This data plan’s validity is dependent on the duration of your current plan.

Rs. 222 Jio Data Booster Plan

Jio’s Rs. 222 4G data voucher gives you 50GB of extra data on top of your regular data allotment.

Rs. 181 Jio Data Add-On Pack

Jio’s new plan gives subscribers 30GB of data with a 30-day expiration. That’s a short way of saying that your Jio data will automatically renew every 30 days. There are no voice bonuses available with this set. After you reach your data limit, the speed will decrease to 64 kbps.

Rs. 241 Jio Data Add-On Pack

The next tier up, at Rs 241, is a 40GB data add-on bundle with the same 30-day validity as the Rs 181 pack. Once again, we can see that once all available data has been used up, the connection speed will drop to 64 kbps.

Rs. 301 Jio Data Add-On Pack

Jio’s Rs. 301 data voucher provides 50GB of data for 30 days and is available now. As you know, things have changed since then.

Rs. 444 Data Add-On Pack

Jio’s data add-on pack includes some nifty extras. To begin, you get 100GB of data to use throughout the validity period of the pack. It’s good for 60 days and comes with a guarantee.

Rs. 555 Data Add-On Pack

Reliance Jio’s data coupon has some neat extras. For Rs. 555, you may purchase one with a 55-day validity period. For the duration of the plan, you’ll have access to 55GB of data. In addition, JioSecurity and JioCloud, as well as JioTV and JioCinema, are all available to you at no additional cost.

Rs. 667 Data Add-On Pack

Jio’s data add-on pack includes some nifty extras. The package’s initial offering is 150GB of data for the duration of the plan’s validity. It’s good for 90 days and comes with a guarantee.

Rs. 2,878 Data Add-On Pack

The Rs. 2878 plan comes next on the list. Jio’s data bundle is valid for an entire year, or 365 days. In addition, you get 2 GB of data daily for the duration of your plan. Having a total of 730GB of data makes this package one of the best available.

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