All Samsung Keypad Mobile – Master Reset Codes

All Samsung Keypad Mobile – Master Reset Codes: Format Hard Reset Code, Master code, Security Code: Many times, we forget by locking in the mobile, we do not remember the lock password, due to which we have a lot of problems at Mobile Repairing Shop have to go.

Due to this, our time is wasted as well as money is also spent, but if you know about Mobile Unlock Secret Code, then you can unlock the mobile at your own home without going to the shop or breaking the lock of the mobile. you can make it like before

If you are a Samsung Phones user, your mobile is locked, or you can set your mobile in Format. If you want to do Factory Reset, then in this post, we are sharing Samsung Mobile Unlock Code, Security Code, Factory Reset Code, and Master code.

Using this, you can unlock the mobile by Hard Reset; you can factory reset, which means you can unlock the mobile at home without going to the shop and without spending a single rupee.

All Samsung Keypad Mobile – Master Reset Codes

*2767*3855# – Reset: Delete All Data And Reset All Settings

*2767*2878# – CUSTOM E2P RESET

#*7337# – UNLOCK

*2767*688# – UNLOCK

*#0523# – CONTRAST

*#9998*523# – CONTRAST

*#8999*8378# – Service Menu (X100) For zv10 unlocking

*7465625*228# – Tested

*#1111# – Display Software Version

*#1234# – Display Firmware Version

*#2222# – Display Hardware Version

*#0*# – Test/service mode Galaxy S3 mini

*#*#4636’*’* – Test/service mode, Galaxy S2

Samsung Keypad Mobile Lock Kaise Tode

To break the lock of the Samsung keypad mobile, use *2767*3855#  code By using this code, all the data and settings of the mobile will be deleted, and the mobile will come in the same condition in which you bought the mobile.


This Samsung Keypad Mobile Reset Security Code – Master Reset Code is intended for experienced users, we will not be responsible for any use or misuse of this valuable information, including loss of data or hardware damage such as apps and contacts; please use it at your own risk. do on

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