BGMI: List of Illegal Activities, How to Fix If You Get a Warning Message

Krafton has been extremely productive in recent months, building up some fairly impressive stats in the process of identifying and expelling cheats from BGMI. Even while cheaters are being kicked out of BGMI, many gamers who are completely innocent of using any third-party programs or cheating end up getting the boot as collateral damage.

Krafton has given a very in-depth explanation of their countermeasures and how they function in an effort to foster openness in BGMI and provide players with clarity on the subject of bans and cheating. Players may rest assured that Krafton will keep fighting to stop cheating in BGMI and eliminate the use of unauthorized applications.

What happens when BGMI Shows a Warning Message?

BGMI Krafton

Krafton says the software detects data that is judged to be illegal (data falsification, etc.) through the installation of other apps, so a warning message appears even when the player has not utilized an illegal program. This is common when users download the software from a third-party website instead of the official app stores (Apple’s Software Store or Google Play).

This means that even if the player has no intention of cheating, they may receive a warning or possibly have their account banned. Thus, Krafton strongly recommends that gamers obtain BGMI exclusively through the aforementioned official sources.

In the event that a player receives a warning letter without engaging in any purposeful cheating, they can use the Routine Repair to restore the original data.

List of illegal activities that can lead to a ban

As was previously established, players can get warned or banned in BGMI even if they aren’t trying to cheat. For this reason, Krafton lists a variety of behaviors that are frequently associated with dishonesty.

The following activities are a list of those that frequently subject players to the software, which results in warnings and bans:

  • The program is installed after being downloaded from an unauthorized source.
  • Putting potentially malicious or unwanted software on your device
  • Obtaining a device that has been modified by installing a rooting or jailbreaking app
  • Sharing a password with another player
  • When unusual information is found

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How to Fix It with the Routine Repair Feature

This is the most crucial information for BGMI players who have gotten a warning letter but still wish to continue playing. In essence, the Routine Repair feature will restore regular data to the concerned player’s account.

To activate Routine Repair, do as follows:

  1. Click the directional arrow in the lobby’s lower right corner.
  2. Click Basic under Settings. Sign Out
  3. Choose “Repair” from the BGMI login screen.
  4. Choose the maintenance schedule and confirm.

Players can then access their accounts and pick up where they left off in the game. In the event that a player receives a warning or ban, they will be unable to log in until they have performed a Routine Repair.

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