How to Activate/Deactivate Hellotune in BSNL

In this post, you will know how to activate Hellotune in BSNL, as well as tell you how to deactivate BSNL tune on your number, you can stay away from boring old ‘Tring Tring’ and listen to your favorite tunes to your callers, Because BSNL Tunes brings you an exciting way to entertain your callers.

In which you can set popular tunes as your BSNL Tune and set your favorite tune or your favorite song to your callers. BSNL Tune has the largest collection of categories like Bollywood, Regional, Internationala.

What is Hellotune?

How to Activate/Deactivate Hellotune in BSNL

Tunes is a service that personalizes audio that replaces the traditional ‘ring-ring’ musical tunes you hear before making calls. that you hear between the time the call is made and the time the call is answered. With BSNL Hello Tunes every call is a rhythm.

Now you can replace the standard tune with a variety of tunes for your callers to enjoy. The service also allows you to select a personalized tune based on the person calling, time of day, weather, mood etc.

How to Activate Hellotune in BSNL?

There are many ways to set Hellotune on your BSNL number, you can set Tune by calling or you can also set BSNL Hello tune by sending SMS. Phil Hull BSNL is charging Rs 12 per tone. Following are the ways to set BSNL tune.

  1. Setting Hellotune by Call.
  2. By USSD Code.
  3. via SMS.
  4. By copying others BSNL tunes.
  5. BSNL Caller Tune online Activate

How to Set Hellotune via call

BSNL Caller Tunes Number: 56700

First dial 56700 from your BSNL number , after that you will be asked to choose the language, after selecting your language you will be played different songs, you can set any song of your choice as caller tunes.

Set bsnl caller tune via ussd code

If you want to set tunes by USSD code only then dial *567# from your BSNL number and follow ussd instructions.

Set BSNL Caller Tune with SMS service

You can send an SMS <BT Song Code> to 56700. BT Code is an important code for that particular song which you want to set bsnl caller tune. If you want to set song Masakali then you have to send SMS <BT 32102>.

Bsnl provides free song search if you do not know the song code. All you have to do is send “Song Name” to 56799, then you will receive the code for that song.

Send SMS BT <space> <ACT> to 56700 to activate default BSNL tune services Default BSNL tune will be provided to the subscriber till he/she selects the song of his/her choice.

How to copy others BSNL tunes?

If someone calls you and you like his tune, just press * and 9, the same caller tune will be activated on your number.

BSNL Caller Tune online Activate करें

First visit the BSNL Caller Tune page, now you will see the songs list, choose your Caller tune song from the list, you can choose your favorite song by Movies / Ablum, Artist, RBT Code and Name Tune .

Then click on the Mobile icon. Now enter your mobile number and verify to activate caller tune through Bsnl website.

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How to Deactivate Hellotune in BSNL?

To deactivate Hellotune in BSNL send BT DCT (or) BT DCT to 56700, also dial 155223 to deactivate any type of value added services of BSNL including caller tunes.

Caller Tunes FAQ

How do caller tunes work?

When you receive a call, the network determines that you have a caller tune scheduled and will be heard by your friend until you answer the call or the call is diverted to voicemail.

Does the phone model matter when caller tune is activated?

No, the caller tunes service is a network function and is not dependent on the phone model.

Are caller tunes different from ringtones?

Yes, caller tunes are different from ringtones. A ringtone is what you hear on your phone when someone calls you. A caller tune is what your caller hears when they call your phone.

Advantages and disadvantages of using hello tune on mobile

A feature provided by mobile network carriers called hello tunes, also known as caller tunes or ringback tones, enables you to customize the music or tune that callers hear when they dial your cell number. Hello tunes can make cell calling more enjoyable, but they also have certain benefits and drawbacks. Examining them now:

Advantages of using hello tunes on mobile:

Personalization: You can customize your mobile calling experience with Hello songs by selecting a song or tune that captures your character or mood. In addition to being a fun way to express oneself, it can help callers remember your mobile number.

Entertainment: While they wait for you to answer the phone, callers can listen to music on the hello line. If you choose a well-known or catchy song, it can contribute to making the callers’ experience positive and entertaining.

Professionalism: HelloTunes can give your mobile communications a more businesslike feel for people who are in the business world. To give callers a more polished and well-organized impression, you can select music that complements your brand or company.

Marketing and Promotion: As a marketing tool, hello tunes are useful. To promote their goods, services, or future events, businesses can use this tool. You can raise brand awareness and engage callers even before they speak with you by playing a jingle or a short segment of a marketing message.

Disadvantages of using hello tunes on mobile:

Cost: Frequently, a subscription or one-time payment is necessary to access hello tunes; they are not always free. To add to that, updating or changing your hello music can incur additional fees. Particularly if you alter your tune frequently or receive a lot of calls, these expenses might mount up over time.

Limited Call Duration: A predetermined number of seconds are often allotted for the hello music before the standard ringing sound takes its place. This implies that the full song or message you picked might not be heard by callers in its entirety.

Call Interruption: Especially if they are anticipating a prompt response or have critical concerns to discuss, hello tunes can ruin the caller’s experience. Callers who only want to get in contact with you right away may find long hello tunes or songs with excessive loudness to be very annoying.

Compatibility Issues: Some mobile network operators or phone models may not support Hello Tune. They might not be able to hear your selected hello song if you switch mobile networks or if your calls use different networks. There’s also a chance that some outdated cell phones won’t even work with HelloTunes.

Lack of Customization Options: A restricted music or tune selection may be offered by hello songs, notwithstanding the level of personalisation it offers. If you have a precise vision for your hello tune, you might not be able to discover your favorite song or the particular melody you want, which might be discouraging.

Before selecting to utilize Hello Tune on your smartphone, it’s vital to weigh these benefits and drawbacks. To make an informed selection, consider your needs personally or professionally, the associated expenditures, and the potential effects on the experience of your callers.

So now you know how to set Activate / Deactivate Hellotune in BSNL, we have told you all the ways to set the tune, whatever you like, you can set your favorite song as a tune instead of tring tring on your number.

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