BSNL 1-Year Validity Plans: Best Prepaid Plans From BSNL With A Validity Of 1 Year

The state-owned telecom company BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has competitive prepaid options.

Despite the fact that commercial telecom providers have moved on to 5G, they are still trying to make 4G networks available in various circles. However, no other provider can compete with the savings of BSNL’s prepaid plans. Consider BSNL’s Rs 797 prepaid plan, which provides 2 GB of data per day for an average of Rs 67 per month.

Prepaid customers who want to save money with BSNL should sign up for an annual plan. Prepaid connections require constant recharging unless you subscribe to an annual subscription.

A variety of yearly recharge plans, with and without daily data, are available from BSNL. Let’s talk about the several BSNL plans with a year’s validity and figure out which one is best.

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BSNL 1-year validity recharge plans: price, data, SMS, and other benefits

BSNL 1-Year Validity Plans: Best Prepaid Plans From BSNL With A Validity Of 1 Year
Recharge PlanData and Voice BenefitsOther BenefitsValidity
Rs 7972 GB of data each day 100 daily text messages and unlimited voicemailN/A300 days
Rs 1,198Monthly data cap of 3GB 300 monthly minutes of talk time Thirty Texts a MonthN/A365 days
Rs 1,499600GB data for a year Unlimited voice calls 100 SMS per day
336 days
Rs 1,999Yearly 600GB data cap Unlimited voicemail and 100 text messages each dayA membership to Eros Now for a month One month of Lokdhun plus one month of free BSNL music365 days
Rs 2,399Free and permanent voicemail 200 SMS and 2GB of data each dayfor one month with Eros Now, one month of free BSNL395 days
Rs 2,999Everyday 3GB Data Cap 100 daily text messages and unlimited voicemailN/A365 days

BSNL Rs 797 recharge plan

The cheapest BSNL recharge plan that lasts for a whole year is this one right here. It includes 2GB of daily data and unlimited voice calls. There are also 100 daily SMS included. It does not include any extra, unnecessary perks.

BSNL Rs 1,198 recharge plan

BSNL’s Rs 1,198 recharge plan has a year’s worth of validity, but it’s significantly less generous than the cheaper Rs 797 plan.

Only 3GB of data and 300 minutes of calls per month are included. There is a monthly cap of 30 SMS messages.

BSNL Rs 1,499 recharge plan

The Rs. 1,499 prepaid package is the next option. The bundle includes free, unlimited domestic and regional calling. The bundle also includes 100 daily SMS messages and 24 GB of bandwidth.

BSNL Rs 1,999 recharge plan

BSNL’s Rs 1,999 prepaid package includes unlimited calling and 600GB of data for the entire year, with no smaller daily or monthly caps.

You can send up to 100 SMS messages every day. Included in this package are 30-day subscriptions to both Eros Now and Lokdhun. You can also enjoy 30 days of free BSNL music.

BSNL Rs 2,399 recharge plan

The duration of this BSNL plan is just over a year, totaling 395 days. It provides 2GB of data per day and unlimited phone conversations. You can send and receive up to 100 SMS every day, plus you get a free month of BSNL music. Similar to the last plan, you will receive a free 30-day trial of Eros Now.

BSNL Rs 2,999 recharge plan

This is BSNL’s most expensive prepaid option. It provides 3GB of data each day and unlimited talk time. It also has a daily limit of 100 SMS messages. You lose access to BSNL music and other OTT features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which is the best BSNL Prepaid plan?

The finest prepaid plan from BSNL is the Rs 797 plan. It provides the most advantages at the lowest possible price.

2) What is the BSNL 365-day plan?

The BSNL 365-day plan has a 365-day validity period.

3) What is the cheapest BSNL prepaid plan with 1-year validity?

The cheapest prepaid BSNL plan with a year of validity is the Rs 797 plan.

4) Is BSNL SIM lifetime validity?

No, the prepaid plan you used to recharge the number determines how long a BSNL SIM is valid.

5) How can I keep my BSNL SIM active?

To keep your phone number active, you must keep purchasing recharges. The best value is the Rs 797 annual package, which provides 365 days of service for about Rs 67 per month.

You can also do the validity extension recharge of Rs 107, which extends the validity by 50 days.

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