Free Fire Advance Server (OB31) 2024 How to Download the APK, Server Maintenance Time in India

The much anticipated release of a new, more powerful server for the popular battle royale game Garena Free Fire has arrived. The Free Fire OB31 Advance Server is live and ready for use at this time. The Advance Server was built with the express purpose of beta testing the upcoming additions to the main program.

By signing up on the Free Fire Advance server’s official website, players can try out the game’s upcoming global features before they’re released to the public. But what exactly is an Advance Server Free Fire OB31? What is the procedure for signing up? Many people will be stumped by these inquiries. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of registering for and installing the most recent version of the OB31 Advance Server.

What is the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server?

Open Season The game developers have switched to a new testing server called OB31 Advance Server. Garena typically publishes an advance server before a new patch. The new features can be tried out and tweaked on the server before they are released as a stable version. The creators enlist the help of play testers, who can provide feedback on the features and help refine them. It’s interesting to note that while the stable version can be found in the Google Play Store, the advanced server version requires a different application that can only be found on the Garena Free Fire website. Now that you know about the OB31 Advance Server, signing up to try out the new functions is a breeze.

Free Fire OB31 Update Release Date and Time

The OB31 upgrade, as promised by the firm, will be released as of today, December 1.

Free Fire OB31 Update Maintenance Schedule

The OB31 update maintenance schedule has been released by Garena. There will be a nine-hour outage, the business said. The maintenance window will run from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

How to Register and Download the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server APK from

The newest OB31 Advance Server is available for easy signup and Android download. What you must do is as follows:

  1. Get started right away by visiting the main Free Fire Advance Server webpage.
  2. A ‘Login with Facebook’ button will then appear, which you must use to complete the signup process.
  3. Your full name, email address, and mobile phone number are all required information for the site to function properly. Simply complete the form below and click the “Join Now” button.
  4. With this, you can join the OB31 Advanced Server.
  5. When the server is ready, the APK can be downloaded directly from the website.
  6. The APK file can be installed immediately after downloading.

It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that in order to access the server, you must have the activation code.

How do I get an activation code for the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server?

Members of the community and those who have signed up for the Advance Server are the ones who receive the activation codes from the developers. When starting up the Advancer Server game for the first time, the player will enter the code. If you are chosen by the programmers, an activation code will be sent to the email address you provided at registration. After completing the preceding procedures, you will be able to enter the code and begin playing the game immediately.

Free Fire OB31 Advance Server Registrations: Start Date, End Date

The new OB31 Advance Server, the company has announced, will be released on November 18th. For the next week, players can access the server and try out the updated content before it goes offline permanently on November 25, 2021. Players that help find and report issues with the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server during the testing phase will receive diamond rewards.

Playing on the free Fire Advance server has its perks.

New features introduced on the Free Fire Advance servers have not yet been made available to players around the world. Players that take advantage of the Free Fire Advance Server’s early access to the game’s new features will have a distinct advantage in battle. Additionally, by just reporting the game’s flaws and malfunctions, you can earn diamonds. Playing on the Free Advance Server is also a great way to acquire new content, like skins, maps, and weaponry.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why can’t I see the option to download the free Fire OB31 Advance Server?

Because it has not yet been released by the developers, the new Free Fire OB31 Advance Server is currently unavailable for download. The corporation has made it clear that there will be a strict cap on the number of codes made available to customers. Whenever you see “Your application is awaiting approval,If you submit an application to test the new server and receive the message “Please wait for our response,” it means the developers have not yet approved your request. To access the Advanced Server, you must first obtain an activation code, which may take some time.

Can a user enter the Free Fire OB31 Advance Server without having their Free Fire account deleted?

To put it simply, no. Accessing the Advanced Server will not remove your Free Fire account. The firm has assured the individual who is beta testing the new Advance Server that their account will not be deleted.

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