Free Fire Max Level Up Pass 2023: What is it and How to Get Up to 800 Diamonds Using It?

In India, one of the most played games is Free Fire Max. The game has its own currency called diamonds, which can be purchased for as little as Rs 80 for 100 or as much as Rs 4,000 for 5,600. Free Fire Max has developed a Level Up Pass that gives you diamonds at a reasonable cost in order to give its currency greater value. After completing a level, your one-time subscription will award you with diamonds. We will go over what a Level Up Pass is and how to get one in this article. Free Fire fans, at the conclusion of this post, there’s a bonus offer that gives you another inexpensive diamond to buy. Now, without further ado, let’s begin.

What is a level-up pass in Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max Level Up Pass 2023: What is it and How to Get Up to 800 Diamonds Using It?

When you reach a new level in Free Fire Max, you can use your Level Up Pass to get a diamond bonus. Instead of paying real money for in-game diamonds one at a time, players can invest in a Level Up Pass and receive diamonds automatically whenever they level up. For context, 310 diamonds would set you back Rs 240, but the Level Up Pass will get you 800 diamonds for just Rs 190, provided you complete the game’s levels. You can find out how many diamonds you get by completing each level in the table below.

LevelsNumber of Diamonds Received
Level 2.200
Level 4.50
Level 6.50
Level 8.50
Level 10.50
Level 13.50
Level 16.50
Level 20.50
Level 25.50
Level 30.200

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How to Purchase Free Fire Max Level Up Pass?

In-game instructions for purchasing a Free Fire Max Level Up Pass are provided below. Make sure you’re logged in with the account you want to use to earn diamonds before proceeding. You may get it from the App Store or Google Play by clicking here if you haven’t already.

  1. Throw open Free Fire Max.
  2. Select the diamond icon found at the very top of the game’s main menu.
  3. Select the Level Up Pass link on the sidebar’s left.
  4. Choose the Rs. 190 poster that’s above the boxes to get this deal. 
  5. Proceed with your purchase in the manner you prefer. Your Level Up Pass will become active once this is completed. Proceed to the games, complete the levels, and get your diamonds.

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How to Get Cheap Diamonds?

If you’re still looking for ways to save money on Free Fire Max Diamonds, we have one more suggestion for you. If you compare these strategies to market rates, you will see significant savings. The game provides its users with two memberships based on days: weekly and monthly. The cost of a weekly subscription, which grants you access to all of the game’s features and 450 diamonds, is Rs. 159. You receive 100 of these right away and another 350 on a daily basis simply by signing in. In addition, you will receive a new member icon every week, access to a special discount store, a second chance, twice as many Diamond Royale coupons, and one time as many Weapon Royale vouchers.

However, the monthly subscription is Rs. 799 and includes 2600 gems. Players get 500 diamonds straightaway, whereas the rest can be claimed by daily signing in. In addition, members receive the following benefits: a monthly member icon, store discounts, an increased second chance bonus (5x), more Diamond Royale vouchers (7x), and weapon Royale coupons (7x).


How much does it cost to unlock Free Fire Max levels?

A Free Fire Max Level Up Pass may be purchased for Rs 190.

To advance in Free Fire Max, what is the procedure?

In order to advance in levels, you must participate in and win as many games as possible while using Free Fire Max.

In Free Fire Max, why is a level-up pass even necessary?

You can receive free Fire Max diamonds at a lesser rate after buying a level-up pass.

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