Free Fire Max Diamond Top Up 2023: How to Get Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max Game, Best Offers on Top Up, Price

After the disappearance of the original Free Fire, Garena Free Fire Max was released for both Android and iOS. When compared to the original Free Fire, the battle royale game adds a number of exciting new elements and vastly improved gameplay. The firm is always releasing new weapon skins, vehicle skins, character skins, and more. The developers also provide other enticing extras. Most of these products, however, may be purchased solely with diamonds, the game’s premium money. Players can complete numerous events to obtain the diamonds, or they can simply purchase them with real money. The Free Fire in-game currency will be discussed in this article, along with its many top-up and redemption options. So, let’s not waste any more time and dive right in.

Free Fire MAX 100% Bonus Top-Up Event

Free Fire Max Diamond Top Up 2023: How to Get Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max Game, Best Offers on Top Up, Price

The Free Fire MAX Indian server has begun a new top-up event with a 100% bonus. The event will run from February 27, 2023, to March 5, 2024. 

To unlock bonus rewards, you’ll need to spend a certain amount of real money on the game’s virtual currency. Here are the prerequisites:

  • Spend $100.00 and receive an additional 100 diamonds at no cost.
  • Spend $300 and receive $200 in free diamonds.
  • If you buy 500 diamonds, you’ll get 200 diamonds for free.
  • If you spend $1,000, you’ll receive $500 in free diamonds.

Free Fire Max Shiba Top-Up Event

If you need more diamonds, Garena has launched a unique event just for you. The most recent Shiba Top-Up event has some exciting incentives for participants who top up their diamonds. To kick things off, a player can receive the Hungry Doge Loot Box by topping off his diamond supply by 100. A player can get the Winter Shiba Gloo Wall by topping off his account with 300 diamonds.

How to Get Unlimited Free Diamonds in Garena Free Fire Max

In Free Fire Max, you need diamonds that act like in-game currency to buy cosmetics to make your character more attractive and different from other players. Players have to pay real money to get diamonds in Free Fire, making the game’s extensive selection of cosmetics difficult to ignore. This time, however, the business is giving away diamonds to those who sign up for the Advance Servers bug reporting program. Getting registered and earning free diamonds is easy, and the instructions are below. Start by clicking here to get to Free Fire Max’s main page.

  1. Now, sign up with your Facebook account. If the program is full, you will need to try again later.
  2. You must verify the Facebook connection on your Free Fire ID.
  3. Please enter your information here to register for an account.
  4. When you’re finished using the account,
  5. You must now use your account on the website to report game-wide defects.
  6. If your bug report is accepted, you could receive up to 100 gems.
  7. You can earn an additional 3000 diamonds by working with others.

How do I top up diamonds in Free Fire Max?

You can purchase additional diamonds for use in Garena Free Fire from within the game. In addition, you can purchase additional gems from external sources. This article will explain two methods for purchasing additional diamonds in Free Fire.

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How to Top Up Diamonds using In-Game Store?

The in-game shop makes it simple to replenish your diamond supply. Here’s how to buy diamonds or replenish your supply:

  1. Launch Free Fire Max and head to the shop menu. The diamond icon at the top of the screen is another option.
  2. When you’re done, a menu of available upgrades will appear. In-game diamonds can be purchased by players in any denomination they choose.
  3. After that, Google Play as a payment option will be shown to the player. The Google Play payment page allows users to add a debit or credit card and complete the transaction.
  4. After a successful transaction, the virtual currency will be added to the player’s account.

Free Fire Diamond Prices

Rs 80-100 diamonds

Rs 50–310 diamonds

Rs 400–520 diamonds

Rs 800–1060 diamonds

Rs 1600–2180 diamonds

Rs 4000–5600 diamonds

How do I redeem codes in Free Fire Max?

Free Fire is a game that knows how to make its gamers happy by giving them lots of free stuff. Different redeem codes are distributed to users of the company’s various social media channels and website. The redeem codes are a set of 12 characters, which comprise letters and numbers. Please note that the awards can only be redeemed on the official Free Fire website. The codes can also only be used on the specified server. The Indian server won’t recognize the code if it’s intended for the Indonesian one. In addition, guest accounts cannot use these codes. Here, therefore, is the Free Fire code redemption procedure:

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Login using the game account, which might be your Facebook, Google, Apple ID, or more.
  3. Type or paste the redemption code into the box, then press the Confirm button. A confirmation notice will appear on the site if the award is genuine.
  4. When you’re finished, go to your in-game mail to claim your goodies.

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How do I get free diamonds in Free Fire Max?

There may not be a “free diamonds” button in Free Fire, but there are other ways to earn them without spending real money. In addition, there are other online resources where you can make money:

Using In-Game Events

At predetermined intervals, Garena Free Fire hosts special in-game events. Players can earn diamonds for free if they participate in and complete the events’ many missions. It’s worth noting, though, that even if you do well in the game’s events, you’ll get only a small amount of diamonds.

Using Google Opinion Rewards

For those who don’t know, Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most popular programs on the Google Play Store. Users of the app can earn Play credits by taking part in and completing brief surveys administered by the search engine. You may earn Google Play gift cards by downloading this app and taking quick surveys. You can buy diamonds with in-game currency once you’ve accumulated enough credits.

Using get-paid-to applications and websites

You can earn rewards at a variety of additional get-paid-to apps and websites that function similarly to Google Opinion Rewards. Companies like Swagbucks, PrizeRebel, Easy Rewards, Poll Pay, and many more pay users to do things like surveys and quizzes. There are cashout alternatives on the website that may be used to acquire Free Fire diamonds at no cost.

Free Fire Diamonds: Best Top-Up Offers Online

In Free Fire, you can purchase additional diamonds from a variety of online vendors. In addition, some of these sites provide appealing first-time subscriber bonuses. Discounted diamond packs for Free Fire may be purchased from the following online retailers:

Games Kharido

If you’re looking for a great top-up website in India that also offers great discounts, look no further than The Games Kharido. The initial purchase on the site comes with a 100% bonus. Diamonds can be purchased with a variety of payment methods and added to a user’s account as soon as the transaction is complete (player ID or Facebook login required).


The CodaShop is yet another option for purchasing additional Free Fire Diamonds online. In-app purchases for Candy Crush Saga, Need for Speed: No Limits, Turbo VPN, and other games and apps are supported on the website as well.


One of the most well-known places for users to buy Free Fire diamonds right now is SEAGM, or Sea Gamer Mall. When it comes to diamonds, the website has some appealing deals to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I top up diamonds in Free Fire MAX?

The in-game store makes purchasing additional diamonds for Free Fire Max quite simple. Launch Free Fire Max and select the Shop menu to purchase diamonds. Alternatively, you can view your current diamond balance and add to it by clicking the Diamonds button.

How do I get free prizes in Free Fire Max?

Participating in Free Fire Max events is a great way to win free stuff. The bonus top-up events give a range of benefits for buying a set quantity of diamonds within the game. 

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