How can I claim 2GB data in Airtel?

You can use the procedures below to get 2GB of data from Airtel:

On your smartphone, make sure the Airtel Thanks app is installed. If you don’t already have it, get it from the Apple App Store (for iOS users) or the Google Play Store (for Android users).

Use your Airtel cell number and OTP (One-Time Password) verification to log in to the Airtel Thanks app.

Go to the “My Coupons” or “Offers” area of the app after logging in. Depending on the app version, the precise location could change a little.

Search the app for any 2GB data coupons or offers that are currently active. Airtel frequently rolls out these promotions, so be sure to look for the most recent choices.

Tap on any 2GB data coupons or offers you see to choose them. Typically, information like the coupon’s validity and limitations of use will be visible.

To redeem or activate the 2GB data coupon or deal, click the corresponding “Redeem” or “Activate” button.

Your eligibility for the coupon or offer will be confirmed by the app. The 2GB of data will be activated on your Airtel mobile number if you meet the requirements.

You will get a confirmation message or notification from Airtel after the voucher or deal has been successfully redeemed.

You can visit the “My Account” or “Data Usage” sections of the Airtel Thanks app to view the status and usage of the promised 2GB of data. Your data’s authenticity and remaining balance will be disclosed.

Take advantage of the extra 2GB of data on your Airtel mobile network.

For the most recent data coupons and offers, keep in mind to frequently check the Airtel Thanks app or Airtel’s official website as the availability and conditions may change. To give its clients access to more data benefits and data plans that would boost their internet usage, Airtel often launches new promotional offers.

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