How To Activate BSNL Closed Sim Card

If you are wondering how to turn on the closed SIM of BSNL, then this post can help you. Therefore, read this post carefully from beginning to last; after that, you will know whether the BSNL number which is closed will be active or not and, how it will happen, what process you will have to follow for this; we will give you complete information about it below. are telling.

Why Does BSNL SIM Gets Locked?

The reason for the closure of the BSNL number may be that you did not even know when the validity of your number was over because now you use any company’s SIM card, you will have to recharge the validity after the validity expires. After 15 days, calls will keep coming to your number, but you will not be able to make outgoing calls; even after that, if you do not recharge, then your incoming call will also stop.

In this way, if you do not do any recharge for 90 days, then your mobile number is temporarily turned off; after that, you are given 15 days to restart the BSNL number, which is called Grace Period. What is Grace Period? You can read this post for more details.

In how many days can I get the closed BSNL SIM activated?

You can get the closed BSN number recharged by recharging it for 90 days after the expiry of the validity. If you do not activate it even after that, then after 90 days, you are given 15 days, and within that 15 days, you can get your BSN number activated again by doing KYC.

But in these 15 days, even within the grace period, if you do not pay attention to getting your number activated, then BSNL company makes another SIM card of the same number and removes it from the market, and then anyone can buy it. Let us now know why your BSNL number has been closed and within how many days you can get it activated again. Now let’s go ahead and learn how to turn on closed BSNL SIM.

How To Activate BSNL Closed Sim

To activate the BSNL number, you will need the Aadhar card and the same document through which you had previously purchased the BSNL SIM.

To activate the BSNL number, you have to go to the BSNL Store, and then you can get the SIM card activated by doing E-KYC. To get the E-KYC done, you have to take your Aadhar card with you, then, only E-KYC is there. Will get After that, your number will be activated in a few hours.

For more information, you can find out by talking to BSNL Customer Care. You can also call from any other network’s SIM card; here, different numbers are given for all the states. Apart from this, you can also get help by contacting any BSNL retailer.

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