How to Activate Jio Sim Which Has Been Closed for Many Days

If your Jio number is closed, then in this post we are telling, How to Activate Jio Sim Which has been Closed for Many Days, most of the sim cards are closed due to expiry of validity, people who do not know that the validity of our number Has ended, because now irrespective of the SIM card of any company, to avail any service, you will have to recharge the validity.

After the validity expires, you can recharge and restart your Jio number for 90 days, but even after that, if you do not activate, then you are given 15 more days, which is called Grace Period.

What is Grace Period?

How to Activate Jio Sim Which Has Been Closed for Many Days

Grace Period starts after 90 days of validity which is known as Grace Period in which the company gives its customer a chance to reactivate their number, suppose the validity of your number has expired and you are 90 days old. If you do not recharge the mobile till the day, after that your SIM card gets closed but 15 days more time is given to get that number started, in which you can get your number started again.

After the Grace Period, you cannot get your Jio number activated because the company makes another SIM card of the same number and releases it in the market, then anyone can buy it, which we have already explained in detail, read this post. Can: How to turn on locked SIM the easy way

How to Activate Jio Sim Card

To get your closed Jio number started, you will need the same document through which you had bought the SIM card earlier, secondly, you also have to keep in mind whether your number is in Grace Period.

To re-enable Jio’s closed SIM, you have to go to your nearest Jio Store and then by getting E-KYC done, you can get the SIM card started again, to get E-KYC done, you have to take your Aadhaar card along., only then E-KYC will be done.

Frequently Asked Questions About Locked Jio Sim Card

Read this post to know about frequently asked questions about locked jio sim card, in this you will get answers to all the questions that come in your mind like:

  • Grace Period is over can I take that number?
  • When the SIM is activated, will its balance be included in it?
  • What if someone else took that number?
  • Within how many days can I activate Jio sim number?

I hope now you know how to turn on Jio’s closed sim, this is the way to get Jio’s sim started, you have to go to any nearest Jio store or contact any retailer. You can get the Jio number started, it is important that you will need the same documents and Aadhaar Aadhaar card by which you had taken the SIM card earlier, and that number should be in your 90 days period or Grace Period, only then you can again Can get it started.

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