How To Break Mobile Lock By Google

Hello friends, today we are telling you how to break the lock of your mobile through Google, yes friends, this method is very simple, and for this, you do not need any technical knowledge, your mobile phone should have a Gmail ID login, Then you can break the lock of your mobile in just 2 seconds through Find My Device.

Find My Device This is Google’s service, if your mobile phone is stolen, or falls, then you think that no one should steal your personal data, in such a condition, you can reset your personal data at the same time by deleting your personal data. And if you forget to keep the mobile somewhere, then you can find your mobile phone by playing tring tring ring in the mobile, you can reset it if you forget the lock.

What is needed to break the lock of mobile by Google?

How To Break Mobile Lock By Google

Friends, you do not need to have much to break the lock by Google, you should remember that Gmail ID, which Gmail ID is login in that mobile, as well as its password, and if there is 2 verification ON on that email ID. If you have kept it, then you should also have its registered mobile number with you.

How To Break Mobile Lock By Google

Step 1: First of all open Find My Device – Google in the browser of any computer, laptop, or another mobile.

Step 2: After that log in with the same Gmail ID, which Gmail ID is attached to your mobile.

how to break mobile lock by google

Step 3: After logging in with the same Gmail ID, you will see your phone, as well as where is your phone, its location will also be visible to you, you will see three options, to reset the mobile, the last one Click on the Erase Device button.

Step 4: After that once again you have to click on Erase Device to confirm.

Just then you have to do OK in the last, now all the data of your mobile will be deleted and the mobile will be turned off and on again, as well as the lock of your mobile will also be broken, now if you have that phone with you then you can restore your phone. You can set it up again, and if your mobile is stolen, then he will not be able to use your personal data, because all the data has been deleted from the mobile.

So now you know how to break mobile lock from Google, how to unlock mobile from Google, and how to reset mobile through Google, you must have got the answer to all these questions, and this method is very simple, for this You don’t need to have much knowledge, you just need to have an internet connection, and access to that Gmail id, then you can reset your mobile if you forget lock if mobile is lost, stolen.

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