How To Break the Lock Of a Nokia Keypad Phone

How To Break the Lock Of a Nokia Keypad Phone: Master Reset Code, Factory Reset Code: Many times, we forget to put the lock password in our mobile, due to which we cannot unlock the mobile, and we have to go to the Mobile Repairing Shop. Our time is wasted as well, as money is also spent.

But if you know about Master Reset Code and Factory Reset Code, then you can unlock the mobile at home without going to the shop, breaking the lock of the mobile, and making it as before.

If you are a Nokia Phones user, your mobile is locked, or you want to reset your mobile to Format Factory, then in this post, we are sharing Nokia Mobile Unlock Code, Security Code, Factory Reset Code, and Master code.

Also, telling you how to unlock the Nokia keypad mobile, by which you can factory reset your mobile without going to the shop and without spending money.

How To Break the Lock Of Nokia Keypad Phone

How To Break the Lock Of a Nokia Keypad Phone

The default code of all Nokia keypad mobiles is 12345 you have any Nokia keypad mobile, you can try this code.
keypad mobile ka password kaise tode

  1. To factory reset your Nokia mobile, go to the mobile’s settings
  2. Then go to Factory Settings
  3. Then you will be asked for a password; enter 12345
  4. Now OK by selecting Delete Data And Restore

Normal Reset Code – Reset All Settings  Code *#7780#

Deep Reset – Dial *#7370# Reset All Settings And Delete Mobile Data

Use *#7780#*#7370# for Nokia Symbian 60 V1 (7650, 3650, 3600, 3620, 3660, N-Gage) 

By using this code, you can reset your Nokia keypad mobile without going to the mobile’s settings; this code can be very useful for you when you change your security code

And forget the security code, but by using this code, you will not need the security code; you can reset the mobile without the security code and without going to the setting of the mobile

After that successfully, your mobile will be factory reset and will come in the same condition in which you bought the mobile  Nokia Phones Secret Codes: Format Hard Reset –  read this post for master code

So now you must have understood how to break the lock of a Nokia keypad mobile by factory reset; in this post, we will tell you about how to reset the Nokia keypad mobile and master code, security code

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