How to Break the lock of Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Reset & Unlock Method : If you are a Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Mobile user, then you must want to know,  how to break the lock of Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Mobile , how to hard reset Samsung Mobile , forget the lock password of the mobile But, when the mobile hangs, when the virus comes in the mobile, you can fix it by hard reset, here we are  telling all the ways to do Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Hard Reset/Factory Reset, by using any one of these, you can restore your mobile Can reset. You do not need technical knowledge to hard reset the mobile, very easily, by following the Hard Reset Tips mentioned below, you can reset your mobile sitting at home and make the mobile as before.

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Reset & Unlock Method In Hindi

Important information

By hard resetting the mobile, all the files of the mobile are deleted. If you are not familiar with hard reset, then definitely read this guide: Hard Reset Mobile – What to do before Factory Reset

How to break the lock of Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Reset

Step 1 – At first turn off your mobile by pressing the Power button.

Step 2 – Now press Volume Up + Home + Power Button until  Samsung Logo appears.

Step 3 – When the Samsung Logo appears, let go of all the three buttons.

Step 4 – Now if you   see Android Logo with “No Command” on the screen, then press Volume Up + Home button once.

Step 5 – Now select the Wipe Data/ Factory Reset option by using Volume Down button to select it and then press the Power button.

Step 6 – Now select Yes delete all user data and press the Power button

Step 7 – Now press the Power Button button on the Reboot System Now, now your Samsung Mobile will be on successfully after Hard Reset, please note that it may take 2 to 3 minutes for the mobile hard reset to turn on again, so the mobile will turn on Wait

Reset Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime With Find My Device – Google

As you know, Android is Google’s product, you can unlock Android Mobile with Google Find My Device, apart from this, if your mobile is stolen, you can reset the mobile and prevent the misuse of mobile data. If you have forgotten keeping the mobile, then you can find the mobile by ringing the mobile through Google Find My Device.

For this read this:  How to Reset Android Mobile from Google Find My Device

Reset by Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tools is a very amazing tool, through this you can break all types of mobile phone, that too without losing data. To use Android Multi Tools, you must have a computer or laptop.

For more information read this:  How To Use Android Multi Tools

Password Recovery Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime With Security Questions

  1. Turn on Internet connection on your mobile.
  2. Now even after trying your password, you are not able to unlock the phone, then you  will see the Forgotten Pattern  option, click on it.
  3. Now click on Answer Questions then it will take you to the next screen
  4. Answer the Security Questions, after that your Samsung Mobile will be unlocked.
  5. Then you can create New Password or Pattern Lock.

Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime Factory Reset

  1. First of all   click on the setting of the mobile.
  2. Now   click on Backup & Reset option.
  3. Now   click on Factory Data Reset .
  4. After this read the information given on the screen then   click on Reset Phone
  5. Now if you have put a pattern lock pin lock password in your mobile, then you have to enter your password and then   click on Erase Everything .

Reset Samsung Galaxy On7 Prime With Code

*2767*3855#  This code is used for Factory format it will delete all files and settings including internal memory storage and also restore mobile phone firmware so before using this code you have to think no So you may lose important data.

*#*#7780#*#* this code can be used for factory data reset it will remove the following things

  1. Application data and settings
  2. Google Account Settings
  3. Download Installed App.
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