How To Break The Lock of Tecno Mobile

How To Break The Lock of Tecno Mobile – Tecno factory reset code: Many times, we forget to enter the password in the mobile; even after trying again and again, we are unable to unlock the mobile, due to which we have a lot of problems, we have to go to the Mobile Repairing Shop. have to go.

Due to this, our time is wasted as well as money is also spent if this has happened to you too and you know how to unlock your mobile, then without going to the shop, you can unlock your mobile at home yourself, mobile You can make it like before by breaking the lock of

If you are a Tecno phone user, your mobile is locked, or you can set your mobile in Format. If you want to do Factory Reset, then in this post, we are telling you how to do Tecno Mobile Unlock and Factory Reset, following which you can Hard Reset Unlock Tecno Mobile; you can reset the factory. without going to the shop and without spending a single rupee. You can unlock your mobile at home without doing.

How To Break Tecno Mobile Lock – Tecno Factory Reset Code

To factory reset/unlock your Techno Android phone, tablet, pad, and other devices after you’ve forgotten your pattern, PIN, or password, you need to follow the steps below.

  • Firstly switch off your Techno phone by pressing the Power button
  • Now press and hold the Power-on + Volume Down buttons together until the phone appears on the special screen
  • Now scroll down to Factory Reset or Clear Flash and select it; use Home Button or Switch Button to select it
  • After confirmation, the Factory Reset Process is started immediately, and the Pattern Lock will be unlocked once the process is completed. 

Tecno Factory Reset Code

  • 1234
  • 1122
  • 0000
  • 2468
  • 3344
  • 12345
  • 5678
  • 1010

To do Tecno Phone Hard Reset, Factory Reset use *#987*99# or *#12345# code
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