How to Break The Lock on Lava A55

Have you forgotten the lock of your mobile and are searching for how to break the lock of Lava A55, how to factory reset Lava A55, how to erase all data on Lava A55, how to bypass the screen lock of Lava A55?, Lava A55 How to Restore Key Defaults Settings? So in this post, you will get answers to all these questions.

The following article shows all the methods to reset the masquerade Lava A55. Check out how to complete a hard reset by hardware key and Android 5.1 lollipop settings. As a result, your Lava A55 will be as new, and your MediaTek MT6735 Core will run faster.

How to Break The Lock on Lava A55

First of all, charge your Lava A55 phone battery to at least 60%

Step 1: After that, turn off the Lava A55 phone.

Step 2: Remove the SIM card and SD card from Lava A55.

Step 3: Hold down the Volume + and Power keys of Lava A55 for a few seconds. When Boot Mode appears, release all buttons.

Wipe Data/ Factory Reset Lava A55

Step 4: Then select wipe data/factory reset with the Volume button and press the Power button to confirm.

Step 5: Select YES using the Volume buttons and confirm with the Power button.

wipe data Lava A55

Step 6: At last, press the Power Button on Reboot System Now, here the lock of your Lava A55 has been opened.

 See other Methods to Unlock/Reset Lava A55

Below are other methods to unlock and reset Lava A55; you can also break the lock of your Lava A55 mobile phone by Google; click on the below link to know.

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