How to Change Facebook Name/Username

Hello friends welcome to Meena Site, today we will tell you,  how to change your Facebook Name / Username Today Facebook has become a very popular social network, today there will be hardly any person who does not have a Facebook account, through Facebook we Stay connected with our friends and relatives, whenever we create a Facebook account, its username is something like this, which is very difficult to remember, Facebook allows you to change the username, you can change your Facebook profile. You can change the name.

Changing a Facebook Profile Username is very simple, but due to a lack of information, users are not able to change their username, even if you want to add your Facebook account name in a stylish font, you still need to change your Facebook profile name. It is necessary to add the name of your Facebook profile to the style fonts, you should also be aware of changing the username, only then you will be able to set the name of your Facebook profile in the style phone  500+ Latest Facebook Stylish Names List By reading this post, you can make your favorite You can use it in your profile by choosing the font of

Facebook Name/Username Change Kaise Kare

What is username

Let us now come to our topic, if you do not know what is username, is username, then we tell you whenever you log in to Facebook by entering your email id, phone number, password, and how to log in. After that, whatever name you see next to  is your username, like, this is your Facebook username, now you must have come to know, what is Facebook username Let’s go Now let’s learn how to change the username of your Facebook profile.

How to Change Facebook Name/Username

We are telling you how to change the Facebook username on a computer, but in the same way, you can change your FB username on your mobile too, if you are changing it in mobile then open your browser in desktop mode. Take it, then follow the method we are going to tell you.

Facebook Name/Username Change Kaise Kare
  1. First of all log in to your Facebook account by entering your phone number or email id, and password, after login
  2. Now there is an arrow in the top corner, click on it and click  on Settings, see screenshots for help
  3. Now click on General.
  4. Now click on Edit in front of your name.
  5. Enter your first name enter last name Now click on the Review change button.
  6. If you are asked to enter the password, then enter your password, after that your Facebook profile name will change, and you can refresh your profile and see it.

I hope you have successfully changed your Facebook Name / Username, How to Change Facebook Name / Username. If you find this post helpful, then please take 1 minute to share this post with your friends.

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