How to Check Airtel Net Balance {2G/3G/4G Net Balance Check Codes} 2024

How To Check Airtel Net Balance : In this post, we are sharing USSD Codes to check Airtel 2G/3G/4G Net Balance, by dialing which you can check your mobile internet balance anytime, this code is important Working in almost all state cities like Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Kerala, Tamil Nadu.

Sometimes, due to technical issues, mobile telecom companies change their Balance Check Code, but now it has become very easy to check mobile internet data, main balance, you can install Airtel App in your smartphone by installing Main Balance, Internet Balance, Can check Expiry Date.

How to check Airtel Net Balance?

How to Check Airtel Net Balance {2G/3G/4G Net Balance Check Codes} 2024

The easiest way to know the data balance of Airtel Sim is to turn on your mobile internet data, after some time turn off the internet data, after that the information of Used Data and Remaining Data will appear on the mobile screen.

You can also check Airtel Net Balance online, you can check balance through Airtel App, but internet is required in these methods, so we are telling you Airtel Balance Check USSD Code, through which you can check balance without internet. If you can, then let us know what is the number to check internet data balance of Airtel.

Airtel Internet Balance Check Code

Airtel Internet Balance Check Code

To check Airtel Net Balance,  dial *121# from your Airtel mobile number, after that a message will appear on the mobile screen, in which 1- Change Language, 2 – Balance, 3 – New Offers, 4 – My Offer, 5 – My Account Info, 6 – Recharge, 7 – Other Services, 8 – DTH, 9 – Payment Bank, 0 Next will appear, now to see the balance, send by typing 2 because the balance is on number 2.

After that, a message will appear again, in which Main Balance, Internet Data Balance, Expiry Date will all be visible, now to know 4G Internet Data Balance, then type DATA number and send it, then you will see the message of 4G Internet Data Balance and Expiry Date. .

By dialing *121# you can check Airtel sim main balance, 2G internet data balance, 3G data balance, 4G internet data balance and expiry date.

NOTE : The option number to check balance can change anytime, so you have to see what number the balance option is on, type the same number and send it.

  • Airtel Balance Check Code : * 123#   Airtel Net 2G Internet Balance Check Code : *123 *10 # 
  • Airtel Net 3G Internet Balance Check Code : *123*11#
  • Airtel Net 4G Internet Balance Check Code : *121*8#

These USSD codes can be changed anytime, but first of all, by the method we have mentioned, you can know the main balance, net balance, expiry date of your Airtel SIM at any time.

Airtel Net Balance Check App

Using Airtel Thanks app you can know all the information of your airtel account.

Step 1 – Install Airtel Thanks App Download from Google Play Store .

Step 2 – After that login by typing your mobile number, OTP will come on your number, verify your name mobile number through OTP.

Step 3 – As soon as you login, you will see all the information on your recharge, Daily Data Left, how much data is left, how many days is the validity.

Online Airtel Net Balance Check Kare

Airtel data balance check via Airtel self-care service  

Online Airtel Net Balance Check Kare

You can also check internet data balance of Airtel Sim online, it is very easy to check internet balance online, first go to, enter your mobile number, request Click on OTP, enter OTP and click on Login, after that you can see the balance in Account section.

So now you must have understood,  how to check Airtel Net Balance , we have told all the methods to check Airtel Balance, I hope this post will be very helpful for Airtel users.

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