How to Convert Jio Postpaid SIM to Prepaid

One of India’s top telecom service providers, Jio, gives its consumers the choice of prepaid or postpaid SIM cards. Although postpaid programs offer the ease of monthly billing, some customers may prefer the adaptability and control that prepaid plans offer. This article will walk you through the procedure if you currently have a Jio postpaid SIM and want to switch to a prepaid connection.

Steps to Convert Jio Postpaid SIM to Prepaid

How to Convert Jio Postpaid SIM to Prepaid

Following these steps will allow you to easily convert your Jio postpaid SIM to prepaid service:

Step 1: Clear Dues and Payments

Make sure that all debts and payments related to your Jio postpaid connection have been settled before starting the conversion procedure. This includes any unpaid bills, unbilled usage fees, or unpaid balances. You can move on to the following stage after you have completed your payments.

Step 2: Visit the Nearest Jio Store or Retailer

Find the local Jio Store or authorized store that is closest to you. To find the closest store, you can go to the Jio website or download the MyJio app. For the converting process, be sure you have your original identifying documents on hand, such as your passport, Aadhaar card, and PAN card.

Step 3: Request for Conversion

Go to the customer care desk when you arrive at the Jio Store or merchant and ask to have your postpaid SIM converted to prepaid. A customer conversion form will be sent to you by the staff to complete.

Step 4: Submit Required Documents

Complete the customer conversion form completely and with the necessary information. Submit a passport-sized photo along with the required forms of identification as well. The personnel will examine the supplied data and paperwork.

Step 5: Choose Prepaid Plan

The team will walk you through the available prepaid options after the verification procedure. Select a plan based on your needs and financial situation. Taking your tastes into account, they will help you choose the best package.

Step 6: Make Payment

You must make the appropriate payment for the chosen prepaid plan after choosing it. You can pay with cash, a credit card, or a digital way; the staff will explain your alternatives to you. Complete the payment whenever it’s convenient for you.

Step 7: SIM Card Replacement

The staff will give you a new prepaid SIM card once the payment has been finalized. They will help you activate the SIM card and direct you through the setup procedures for it on your smartphone.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there any charge for converting a Jio Postpaid SIM to Prepaid?

The process of switching a Jio postpaid SIM to a prepaid SIM is free. The chosen prepaid plan, however, might require payment.

Can I Retain my Existing Mobile Number During the Conversion Process?

When switching from postpaid to prepaid, you can, in fact, keep your current cell number. You will be guided by the personnel as you transmit your number.

Will My Unused Postpaid Balance be Transferred to the Prepaid Connection?

No, any unused postpaid balance won’t be switched over to the prepaid connection. Utilize your postpaid balance as soon as possible before starting the conversion.

How Long Does the Conversion Process Take?

It often takes a few minutes to finish the converting procedure. The bustle at the Jio Store or retailer, however, may cause it to change.


It is easy to convert a Jio postpaid SIM to a prepaid connection by paying off outstanding debt, going to the closest Jio Store or merchant, completing the conversion form, selecting a prepaid plan, paying the fee, and receiving a new prepaid SIM card. You may easily switch your Jio postpaid SIM to prepaid and take advantage of prepaid services by following these instructions.

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