How to Do Airtel Balance Transfer

How to do Airtel Balance Transfer, if suddenly your friend’s mobile balance runs out, then you can send the balance of your mobile to your friend’s mobile, and if your mobile balance is exhausted, then you can speak to your friend on your mobile. You can do a balance transfer, but you should know about what is the balance transfer method, what is the balance transfer code, what is the airtel balance transfer code, only then you will be able to transfer the balance via airtel sim.

So today in this post we are telling you about the airtel to airtel balance transfer code, by using which you can use on your friend’s mobile, on your brother’s mobile, on your wife’s mobile, or on any relative’s mobile. You can transfer the balance on your mobile.

How to Do Airtel Balance Transfer

How to Do Airtel Balance Transfer
How to Do Airtel Balance Transfer

Although every mobile network company provides the facility of taking a talktime loan to its user, through which the user can take a talktime loan in an emergency it has some terms and conditions How to Get Talktime And internet Data Loan in Airtel For more information you read this post.

What is Mobile Balance Transfer

What is Mobile Balance Transfer Mobile Balance Transfer Mobile Talktime Balance Transfer is to be done, suppose you have ₹50 on your mobile and you want to transfer ₹10 to your friend’s mobile, this is called Mobile Balance Transfer Mobile Balance Transfer To do this, the number from which the transfer is made and the number to which the transfer is to be done, both the numbers should be of the same company.

That is, you can do an airtel to airtel balance transfer. The idea is to Idea balance transfer Vodafone to Vodafone balance transfer and BSNL to BSNL balance transfer but in this post, we will give you complete information about how to do a balance transfer in airtel mobile by airtel balance transfer code.

Key Things to Keep in Mind Before Doing a Balance Transfer

  •  As we told you to send the mobile balance, both the SIM cards should be of the same company, so to transfer the balance to airtel, both the mobiles should be of airtel company,
  •  To transfer balance, you must have balance in your mobile,
  •  Your airtel sim card must be at least 3 months old,
  • There are two ways to do Airtel Talktime Balance Transfer, one is by Balance Transfer USSD code and the other way is by calling.

How to do Airtel Balance Transfer

To transfer the balance from Airtel to Airtel follow the below steps  

  1. First of all dial *141# from your airtel mobile,
  2. Now a pop-up will open for share talktime reply by typing 1,
  3. Now type the balance amount you want to transfer, you can transfer the balance from ₹ 10 to ₹ 50.
  4. After entering the balance amount, enter the mobile number to which you want to send the balance and then click OK, now your balance will be transferred successfully.

The second number to transfer balance in airtel is 141. You can also transfer your balance by dialing 141. After dialing, follow as mentioned in it, and you can transfer the talktime balance from ₹ 10 to ₹ 50.

I hope now you have understood how to do a balance transfer in airtel, you can use these balance transfer ussd codes to send your mobile balance to any of your friends, then you must have liked the information about mobile balance transfer.

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