How to do Idea Balance Transfer the best way 2024

In this post, we will tell you, how to transfer Idea Balance, before we give you Airtel balance. Have shared with you the information about transferring the Vodafone balance, and BSNL balance. If you are an Idea user then this post is going to be helpful for you because by reading this post you will be able to transfer the balance on the Idea mobile of your friend, relative, brother or sister.

Almost all companies provide the facility of Talktime Balance Transfer to their users, but for this, you need to know what is the Idea balance transfer code number and how those codes are used to transfer Idea balance. For this, you should also know about it, only then you will be able to transfer the idea to idea balance.

We will also tell you what is the Idea to Idea balance transfer code and also tell you how to transfer the balance from Idea Mobile to Idea Mobile and how to use the balance transfer code.

Terms and Conditions for Idea Balance Transfer

Some terms and conditions have been made for idea mobile balance transfer, if you follow these conditions then you can transfer idea mobile balance from the idea. Let us know what are the terms and conditions of the idea of the mobile balance transfer.

  1. Your Idea mobile should be at least 3 months old.
  2. You must have at least ₹10 balance in your mobile only then you can transfer the balance
  3. The mobile SIM on which the balance is to be transferred should also be of Idea company only.
  4. You will be charged some extra charge for the balance transfer like suppose you want to transfer ₹ 10 then it will be charged around ₹ 12 from you.

How to do Idea Balance Transfer – Idea Balance Transfer Code Number

USSD code is used to transfer idea balance. To transfer the balance from your idea mobile to another idea mobile, you can follow the below steps.  

  • Dial *151*Amount*Receiver Mobile Number# from your Idea mobile

In Amount, type the amount of balance you want to transfer and enter the mobile number on the receiver to which you want to transfer the balance, after that your balance will be successfully transferred to that mobile.

In this way, using these USSD codes, you can transfer your Idea mobile balance, I hope you must have liked the information about transferring your Idea mobile balance and now you have understood.

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