How To Download Songs & Videos in Jio phone

How to Download Songs & Videos in Jio phone, Do you want to download Song and Video on your Jio phone then this post is for you, in this post we will tell you how to download songs in Jio mobile, Jio mobile It is a smart feature phone, you can do many things in it which can be done in Android mobile.

jio 4G phone has been made keeping in mind the common people, the assistant in this mobile is a very amazing feature, through which the mobile can be controlled by speaking, you can do many things by speaking from this mobile, like playing YouTube, anyone Opening the website

It is very easy to download songs in jio phone, you can download any mp3 song or video song of your choice in your jio phone, which means you can download all types of songs on jio mobile like Hindi Song, Punjabi Song, New Song, Old Song, Dj Remix Song, Video Song, Rajasthani Song, Rajasthani Dj Song, Haryanvi Song.

We will tell you a simple way to download songs on a jio phone, by which you will be able to download any song of your choice, without talking much, let’s learn how to download songs on jio mobile.

How to Download Songs & Videos in Jio phone

You can download songs on a Jio phone in the same way as songs are downloaded in Android smartphones, the only difference is that touch is used in Android smartphones but buttons are used in Jio phones.

You can download songs in a Jio phone by visiting any song download website, we are telling you about the best website to download songs, through which you can search and download any song of your favorite if you want to download an MP3 song. If you want, you can download it by searching, you can listen to that song before downloading and if you like it, you can download it, you can download that song in MP3 in MP4.

Step 1: First of all turn on the internet connection in your Jio mobile.

Step 2: Now open the browser in your Jio mobile, after opening you can download the song by visiting any song downloading website, we are telling you how to download the song from the emp3juices website, from this website you can download any song of your choice. You can also download the song by searching.

Step 3: After opening the browser, go to emp3juices.

Mp3 Song Download
Song download

Step 4: After going to the website, search for any song of your choice, if you want to download the song of a movie, then type its name and if you want to search by the name of an album, then you can also search.

If you search by typing the name of the movie then you will see all the songs of that movie, now to listen and download the song click on the Download/Play button.

download MP3 file

Step 5: After that, a new page will open  click on the Download Mp3  button to download the song in MP3, and if you want to download MP4 then click on MP4 download, by clicking on the play button you can watch the video, and listen you can

Step 6: Now a new page will open, you can download your song by clicking on Download File.

I hope now you have learned, how to download songs in jio phone, in this post we have told you both the way to download mp3 songs and video songs when you search for any song and after searching click on it. When you click then you can select whether you want to download MP3 or MP4.

By clicking on the download file in the next page, you can download your song, in this post we have told you about the emp3juices website, if you download from another website then the way to download the song may be different, but the song This is a website to download, from this you can download any song of your choice.

जीवन में छोटी - छोटी चीजें का आनंद लेना चाहिए। एक दिन के लिए, आप पीछे मुड़कर देख सकते हैं और महसूस कर सकते हैं कि वे बड़ी चीजें थीं। जीवन में कई असफलताएं ऐसे लोग होते हैं जिन्हें इस बात का अहसास ही नहीं होता कि जब उन्होंने हार मान ली तो वे सफलता के कितने करीब थे।


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