How To Find Any Feature or option in Android Phones?

Hello friends, today we will tell you, How to Find Any Feature or option in an Android phone. There are many features in the Android smartphone, which we cannot find easily, all the features of the mobile are present inside the setting, but when we have to find any feature, then it takes us a lot of time to find it. Even if that feature is not available, but with our mentioned method, you can easily find any mobile option by searching.

Can You Search for Any Features in Mobile?

Yes, you can search for any features in mobile and find them, you want to know about Contact Settings, you want to transfer a contact number from one SIM card to another SIM card, or you want to find Call Forwarding Setting. Want to find Call Waiting Setting, want to find display setting, means to say you can search and find any feature of mobile.

How to Find Any Feature or Option in an Android Phone?

How To Find Any Feature or option in Android Phones

Inside the Android mobile phone, you can easily find any feature by typing its first name, now where will you find the option to search, below is the complete method.

  • First of all open the Settings of your mobile
Android feature search Kare
  • After opening the Settings, you will see the Search Box at the top, type the name of the feature you want to find, like I want to find Call Settings, so I have typed call in the search box, as soon as I type it, All settings related to call have come like block harassing call, Push the power button to end the call, reject all calls, call waiting, call forwarding settings, call barring which you can see in the screenshot.

Similarly, suppose you want to find Contact Settings, you want to Import/Export, copy contract, merge duplicate contacts, and want to set display on contact number, then you will see all the setting type contact.

Similarly, you can find WiFi settings, Video Call settings, Bluetooth settings, and SIM card settings, which means you can find any feature available on the mobile.

I hope now you have learned to find any program in mobile, if you do not find any program or features in mobile, then this way you can go to the setting of mobile, type the first name of that feature and find it. Yes, this will also save you time, to learn similar tips and tricks, you can visit our website by typing meenasite in the Google search box.

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