How to Get Call details of IDEA SIM New Way

Will tell you on this post, How to get call details of IDEA SIM new way , if you use Idea SIM card and want to know for how long you talked with whom in the last 6 months, then this post can help you. Is.

By the way, would like to tell you that you want to check the call details of any idea sim card, you should have that sim card in activated condition, if you have that sim card then you can extract the details of any sim card.

You can remove the details of your own SIM card, as well as if anyone tells you that you want to check the call history of my SIM card, then you can check the call history of Idea SIM card very easily by the method mentioned below. Are.

How to Get Call Details of IDEA SIM?

How to Get Call details of IDEA SIM New Way

We are telling you 3 ways to see the Call Details of IDEA SIM, by using one of these you can know the call details of any Idea SIM card other than your number, but as we told you that number should be with you, Because you have to verify that number through OTP, only after that you will see the call details.

To Get idea call details first update your email id

To get the call details of Idea, first of all you   have to add your email id in your Idea account, because the PDF file of call details will be sent to the same email id. For this you follow the steps given below.

  • Install VI official Vi App – Recharges & Music app and open it. 
  • then go to my account on the homepage
  • Tap on Edit Profile
  • Give an alternate mobile number, enter your email id on which you want to receive Idea call details.
  • After entering the email id, an OTP will be sent to your email id for verification, verify your email id by submitting the OTP

Check Call History from Vi™ App

Call history includes Caller username, number, call duration and call charge. You can know the call history of last seven days by simply downloading MY Idea App from play store on your smart phone. After successful registration on the app, you just need to go to your account and   click on Call history option to get past call records.

Steps to check Idea call history

  1.  Download Vi™ App from Play Store  .
  2. Then open the app and enter your 10 digit idea mobile number.
  3. Then OTP will be sent to your mobile, enter OTP and hit on Submit .
  4. After successfully registering on the App, go to My Account, there  the option of Call History  will appear, click on it.
  5. Your latest call details will be shown on the next screen.

Get Idea Call Detail by SMS

You can get the call details of Idea sim card by sending such a message. This method can work for both Android smartphone and keypad mobile users, for this you have to send the message as follows.

Open the messaging app in your mobile then type:  EBIL  the first 3 letters of the month and send it to 199.

Eg: EBIL JAN and send it to 199 after that CDR  copy will be sent to your registered email id for free.

Shortcode to get call detail of all months

Name of the monthSMS FORMAT
To get call details for the month of JanuaryABILL JAN
To get call details for the month of FebruaryBILL FEB
To get call details for the month of MarchEBILL MAR
To get call details for the month of AprilAPRIL APR
To get call details for the month of MayAPRIL MAY
To get call details of JuneAPRIL JUN
To get call details of JulyAUGUST JUL
To get call details of AugustAPRIL AUG
To get call details of SeptemberBILL SEP
To get call details of OctoberAPRIL OCT
To get call details of NovemberEBILL NOV
To get call details of DecemberAPPEAL DEC

Get Full Call Details of IDEA SIM

If you want to get full details of idea then you have to send message as follows, you can get call details of 6 months.

For full copy Rs. 25/- will be charged.

 Type  a text message: ACTPI MMYY and send it to 199

Prepaid invoices can be provided for the entire calendar month and will be able to provide call details for the last 6 months only.

Call details get updated in the system on 1st of every month at 9:30 am. Also can provide only chargeable usage details like outgoing calls incoming calls and SMS.

It will have call number, calling time, call duration, date, amount charged and balance. You can get CDR of last seven days, if you have not made any call for last seven days, there will be nothing to display.

Get Call History By Talking to Customer Care

You   can talk to Idea customer care by calling 199/198, and call them to get your call history, your call history information will be sent to your email id.


You can get call details by sending an email to Idea customer care, for this you have to  write to, then complete details of incoming calls and outgoing calls will be sent to your email id.

Get Call Details by Chatting With Idea Customer Care

Sometimes the call to customer care is not available, but Idea provides you the facility to talk through chat. You can get call details by chatting through VI App, for this you must have an Android smartphone. So that you can install VI app in it.

  • Open VI App
  • Tap Menu at the bottom right of the screen
  • Click on Help and Support
  • Scroll down to chat with VI
  • On chatbox you will be asked some questions with some options, answer those questions and get call history.

How to Cet Call Details of Idea Postpaid Number?

Step 1: First of all create an account on, you will need an email id to create an account

Step 2: After successful registration, your IDEA mobile number will send you a PIN number which is Personal Identification Number on your post-paid number. This pin number is basically sent by the service provider to verify your mobile number like OTP.

Step 3: You will need to login to your account and enter the PIN in the appropriate field in the portal on your website to get past call records along with billing details.

Idea FAQ

What is Idea Sim?

The term “Idea SIM” refers to SIM cards offered by Idea Cellular, a former Indian mobile network provider. As per my information as on 31st August, 2018, Idea Cellular merged with Vodafone India and came to be known as Vi (Vodafone Idea Limited). As a result, it is possible that “Idea Sim” is no longer an independent brand.

What Services did Idea provide?

Through its SIM card, Idea Cellular, now known as Vi, provided a range of services. These offerings included voice calls, text messaging (SMS), mobile data and value-added services including caller melodies, mobile banking and entertainment services. The Idea SIM gave consumers access to the Internet, mobile apps and other features on their mobile devices.

Can I Still Get the Idea sim?

Idea Cellular has joined Vi, as already reported. So if you want sim card of same network then you should buy vi sim instead of idea sim. Voice, data and other value-added services are supported by Vi’s mobile services with the help of a SIM card.

How Can I get a Vi SIM?

You can visit a Vi location or a local, approved retailer to purchase a Vi SIM. They will help you to get a new sim card. Depending on the norms of the mobile service provider, you will probably be asked to complete identification and related paperwork.

What are the documents required to get Vi SIM?

Depending on where you live and local laws, other documents may be required. Proof of identity usually requires Aadhaar, PAN or passport, while proof of address requires utility bill, rental agreement or Aadhaar card. To find out the exact paperwork required to obtain a new SIM card, it is recommended to call a local Vi store or retailer.

Can I Port my existing number to Vi SIM?

Yes, you can transfer your current cellphone number to Vi SIM card. Mobile number portability allows you to change your network provider while retaining your current phone number. To start the porting process, you will need to visit a Vi location and take the appropriate actions, which usually include submitting a porting request and providing the necessary paperwork.

So now you know  how to get call details of IDEA SIM  friends, in this way you can get call details of SIM card installed in your mobile and if you want to know the call details of someone else’s SIM card then once that mobile You should have the number after that you can hack the call of any idea number.

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