How to Get Talktime And internet Data Loan in Airtel

Sometimes, all of a sudden, our mobile’s talk time balance and internet data balance get exhausted, and there is no facility available there to recharge the mobile; if ever you get stuck in such a condition, then Talktime Loan or Internet Data Loan. You can carry on with your work.

How to Get Talktime And internet Data Loan in Airtel

How to Get Talktime And internet Data Loan in Airtel

Airtel company has started the facility of giving Talktime Loan and Internet Data Loan to its user, through which the user can take Talktime & internet data loans in case of emergency, but there are some terms and conditions for taking Talktime / Internet Data Loan if those conditions are met by you. If you complete it, then you can take a talk time loan or Internet Data Loan in an emergency.


Suppose you are out of your city or village, and you have 0 talk time balance on your mobile even if your internet data balance is 0, and you don’t have any recharge shop, you want to make an urgent call to someone If you are, then in such a condition you can take a Talktime loan without any hassle, after that you can call anyone, similarly if you are using the internet and suddenly your internet data balance is exhausted while working then such situation In this you can complete your work by taking internet data loan.

All mobile network companies provide their users with the facility to take talk time and internet data loans, but in this post, we will tell you about Airtel Loan Number & Loan Code, Talktime, and Internet Data Credit 2019, which you can use in case of emergency. You can take a loan on airtel mobile.

How to Take Talktime Loan in Airtel SIM?

You can take a loan via airtel sim in two ways, by USSD code and by dialing the number; we are telling you both ways to take a loan in airtel sim, Airtel Loan Number 10 Rs Code, Airtel Loan Number 20 Rs Code.    

  • Rs 10 Airtel Loan USSD Code * 141 * 10 #
  • Rs 20 Airtel Loan USSD Code * 150 * 20 #
  1. Dial *141*10# to avail ₹10 loans in airtel sim,
  2.  Dial *150*20# to avail ₹20 loans in airtel sim,
  3. To take a loan of ₹ 10 ₹ 30 ₹ 50 in airtel sim,  dial *141*  after that, on the mobile home screen, you will see a message in which you can select how much loan you want to take a maximum of ₹ 50 Can take a loan.
  4. Another way to take the loan in the airtel sim is to dial 52141 from your airtel mobile and follow the interaction.

Airtel Talktime Credit Loan Terms And Conditions

  • To take an airtel Talktime loan, first of all, your airtel mobile number should be at least 3 months old only then can you take a loan.
  • To avail Talktime loan in Airtel SIM, the balance should not exceed ₹5.
  • You can take a Talktime credit loan of Rs.10, Rs.30 Rs.50 in Airtel SIM.
  • If you take a loan of ₹ 10, then ₹ 13 will be deducted from your mobile on the next recharge, which means ₹ 3 more will have to be paid for taking a loan of ₹ 10.

How to take Internet Data Loan in Airtel SIM?

To take an Internet Data Loan in Airtel Sim, dial *141*567# from your mobile and then follow the instruction; after that, you can take a 2G, 3G, or 4G internet data loan, next time you recharge. It will be charged from your mobile will be cut.

Terms and Conditions for Airtel Internet Data Loan

  • Your airtel sim should be 3 months old to take an airtel sim internet data loan,
  • Your airtel mobile should not have more than 10 MB of internet data,
  • On the next recharge, according to the amount of MB data loan you take, the charge will be deducted from your mobile,

In this post, we have given you complete information {talk time/data loan complete information} to take talk time credit loan and data loan in Airtel. By using these Airtel Data Loan Numbers and Airtel Talktime Numbers, you can take a loan if necessary.

I hope now you will be able to take a talk time loan and internet data loan in your airtel sim in case of emergency,  how to get talk time and internet data loan in airtel. If you like the post, then share this post with your friends on social media.

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