How to Know the Balance of Jio SIM?

jio balance check number : In this post, we are telling the number to check Jio balance, using which you will be able to check Jio Mobile’s Main Balance, Internet Data Balance, Expiry Date, Minute Balance immediately, for this you have to dial only one number. After dialing, English or Hindi language has to be selected.

We have already told you about jio ussd code, if you want to know about all USSD codes of Jio, then definitely read this post. I will be of great help to you.

How to know the balance of Jio SIM?

How to Know the Balance of Jio SIM

To check Jio balance by calling, we are telling you two numbers, using either of the two, you can check the balance of Jio sim.

jio balance check number 1991

Dial 1991 from your Jio mobile number, after that you can choose your language Hindi, or English, then you will be told the main balance, internet data balance, expiry date, minute balance, complete details of the plan running on your number.

Number 1299 to check Jio balance by giving missed call

Call 1299 from your Jio mobile, once the call is made, the call will be disconnected, immediately after the call is disconnected, you will receive an SMS from Jio on your mobile, which will have complete information about the plan running on your mobile, such as jio 4G data balance. , main balance, expiry date.

In this way, you can check the balance of your Jio sim by dialing the number, so now you must have understood what is the number to check Jio balance. If you like the post, then do share it.

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