How to Pattern Lock, Pin Code, and Password Unlock with Android Multi Tools

How To Use Android Multi Tools: If you are an Android mobile user, then in this post, we are telling you how to do Pattern Lock, Pin Code, and Password Unlock from Android Multi Tools; you can reset any Android mobile through Android Multi Tools. There can be many reasons for resetting your mobile, mobile hang, virus coming in mobile, forgetting pattern lock screen lock, or completely erase your personal information from your mobile before selling your mobile, whatever the reason. Ho, let’s learn how to reset hard mobile.

How to Pattern Lock, Pin Code, and Password Unlock with Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tools helps you reset your PIN/Pattern/Password lock; in addition to helping you unlock your phone, it also includes Check Device, Reset Face/PIN Lock, Reset Face/Gesture Lock, Reset Gmail, and Wipes There are many tools like Data, Reboot, Checks Device On Fastboot Mode, Wipes Data/Cache on Fastboot Mode, Exit Fastboot Mode, Go To Command Prompt, Software Info, Hardware Info, Hardware Info, which you can use according to your convenience. Here we are telling you how to reset your mobile through Wipe Data.  

How To Use Android Multi Tools { How To Use Android Multi Tools }

Step 1  First  Download Android Multi Tools V1.02b Then Extract Multi-tool Zip File

USB Debugging Enable

Step 2  Now Enable USB Debugging on your mobile. To enable USB Debugging, go to the settings of the mobile; if you do not see USB Debugging, then click on About Phone at the bottom of the mobile’s settings, then on Build Number 6 Click -7 times, and then you will see USB Debugging option, enable it by clicking on it.

Step 3  Now turn off you’re mobile, then hold down the Volume Up + Power button or Volume Down + Power button; when you see Android boot mode then connect the mobile to the computer via USB, to connect mobile to computer Computer Must Have Installed Android USB Drivers You Can Download It From Here  Android USB Drivers – Get OEM Drivers Free Download

Step 4  Now open the Android Multi Tools v1.02b.exe file by opening the Extract folder of Android Multi Tools.

Android Multi Tools

Step 5 Now you have to type any number for hard reset or password recovery, type 2 for Face/PIN lock, type 4 for Gmail account reset, type 5 for Wipe Data
if you choose 2, 3, 4 option If you choose, then no data on your mobile will be deleted.

  We are telling you about the Android Multi Tools alternatives below.

1. Check Device: If your device is connected to the computer, but Multi Tool is not picking it up, then you need to check your cable or make sure that USB debugging is enabled on your phone

2. Reset Face/PIN Lock: The feature helps you to reset your Face ID or PIN. It works on Android 4.1.x and above

3. Reset Face/Gesture Lock: This feature helps you to unlock a Face or Gesture; gesture includes pattern and other ways to lock your screen, which is not password or PIN-based; this feature is available on Android 4.1. x or higher to unlock your phone without losing any data

4. Reset Gmail:   This feature will help you reset your Gmail and Google account

5. Wipe Data:   This feature is used to erase all data on your phone; when you use this option, it will erase all your data

6. Reboot:   This option allows you to reboot or restart your device and boot into normal mode; it also allows you to exit the ADB shell by this, you can turn on the phone without the power button

7. Check Device On Fastboot Mode:  It will check the connection status of your device if it is in fastboot mode, for fast boot mode, you have to connect your phone on fast boot and make sure the fast boot driver is installed

8. Wipe Data/Cache on Fastboot Mode:   This option is to wipe data and cache on fast boot mode if your device is stuck on an infinite boot loop or running slow; usually, this happens when You have installed a new ROM or software, this method will help you to solve these issues, in this way you can do Pattern Lock, Pin Code, Password Unlock with the help of Android Multi Tools, Pattern Lock with Android Multi Tools, How to do Pin Code, Password Unlock If you liked the information, then share it with your friends.

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