How to Recharge IDEA online – IDEA Prepaid Recharge online 2024

How to recharge IDEA online and information about IDEA Prepaid Recharge online is going to be told in simple language Hindi, in the previous post we shared with you what is the new plan of IDEA Recharge – IDEA All Recharge Plan List, if you do not know in Idea Which recharges are going on now, what are the best offers, what are the idea validity recharges, what are the data recharges and what are the free calling plans, then definitely read this post once. This will help you a lot in selecting the best recharge for Idea Mobile.

Talk about IDEA online recharge, there are many ways to recharge your mobile, you can recharge your mobile through Paytm, and you can recharge your mobile through Google pay. You can recharge your mobile through phonepe and many more applications and websites through which you can recharge idea sim.

But we are telling you how to recharge Vi’s official website, you will get the benefit of recharging Idea official website, here while recharging, you get the latest recharge information, which you will know which is the latest recharge.

What Should be for IDEA Online Recharge

How to Recharge IDEA online – IDEA Prepaid Recharge online

Recharging your audio mobile online is very simple, you can recharge your mobile in a few minutes but some important things which you must have.

  • To recharge Idea mobile online, you need to have a computer or mobile.
  • You must have an internet connection on your mobile or computer
  • You must have net banking, a debit card, a credit card, or a digital wallet to make recharge payments.

How to Recharge IDEA online – IDEA Prepaid Recharge online

Step 1  – To recharge Idea SIM, first visit

idea Recharge

Step 2  – Now a small form will appear, enter your idea number in Enter Mobile Number.

select recharge plan

Step 3 – After that, you will see the list of all recharges of Idea, VI, click on the Buy Pack button in front of whatever you like.

recharge ka payment Karen

Step 4 – Now a new will open in which you have to choose Recharge Payment Method, you can make Recharge Payment from Debit Card, Net Banking, or Wallet, and after that Idea, your Mobile will be recharged successfully.

That’s it, the process of recharging idea online, you can recharge your mobile very easily by following some simple steps. Here you have to see by whom you make the recharge payment, if you will pay through a debit card then you will have to enter the debit card details after that OTP will come to your registered mobile number from the bank, and you will have to enter that OTP. Then you have to click on process.

Apart from this, if you pay through Paytm, then you have to enter the Paytm number, then OTP will come on your mobile from Paytm, and then OTP has to be entered, there is also one advantage of recharging from Idea’s official website here But you do not need to create any type of account, you can recharge idea sim without creating an account.

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