How to Recharge Mobile From Bank Account

In the digital era, if you still use the old method to recharge your mobile, then you are spending both your time and energy, now you can do mobile recharge, DTH recharge, ATM Card/Debit from your bank account sitting at home. By recharging mobile with Card, Credit Card, your time will also be saved, as well as some money will also be saved and energy will also be saved, how to go about it in detail.

How to Recharge Mobile From Bank Account

  1. First go to the Online recharge website.
  2. Click on recharge option.
  3. Enter your mobile number.
  4. Enter the recharge amount or select any recharge.
  5. Select the debit card to make recharge payment on the next page.
  6. Then enter your Debit Card number, enter Expiry date and click on Pay button by entering CVV number.
  7. Now OTP will come on your number and enter OTP and click on Submit button.

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Benefits of Recharging Mobile from Bank Account

How to Recharge Mobile From Bank Account

Your time will be saved : The first advantage is that your time will be saved, you know this, when you recharge from the shop, how much time does it take you, but to recharge mobile from online bank account sitting at home This will save you that time.

Your money will be saved:  The second advantage will be that you will save some money because when you recharge from the shopkeeper, you do not get anything in the form of cashback, but when you recharge online, you will also get 50% cashback. Can get it .

You will get to know Recharge Offer:  The third advantage of recharging mobile online from bank account is that you will get information about recharge offer online only, you can see the information about recharge offer available on your mobile online only. , But when you recharge from the shop, you have to ask the shopkeeper, in this way you will be able to select the offer recharge for yourself.

You will receive Discount Code and Coupon Code information:  Yes friends, when you start recharging online, after some time you will receive information about recharge offer, Discount Code and Coupon Code through message and email, as soon as your mobile Recharge ends you can avail recharge offers, discount coupons.

In this way friends, there are many benefits of recharging mobile online, you can recharge from bank account as per your wish, no one can lie to you that there is no recharge offer on your mobile number, complete information will be online in front of you, you will be online at Online Recharge Office. can be detected.

What is Required to Recharge Mobile from Bank Account?

  1. To recharge mobile from bank account, you must have Debit Card / ATM card or Net Banking
  2. Must have Mobile Number.
  3. A computer or a mobile which has internet facility.
  4. To recharge mobile, you must have, account because we are recharging with Paytm here, for online recharge you can also use MobiKwik, FreeCharge, Amazon to recharge with ATM Card in all The method is the same.

Steps to do online mobile recharge

There are 2 ways to recharge mobile from bank account.

  1. Via Mobile Application
  2. by website

How to Recharge Mobile From Bank Account

To recharge mobile from bank account, you will use Online Recharge Website Paytm, for this you should follow the following steps.

Step 1 : First  go to  website.

Step 2 : Now you have to login by entering Paytm username and password. If you are using Paytm for the first time, then you have to create Paytm account to recharge mobile from bank account, you can login with Facebook, Google+.

How to recharge mobile from bank account

Step 3 : After login, the mobile recharge page will open in front of you, you have to enter your mobile number in the Mobile Number option, as soon as you enter the mobile number, the recharge offer page will open in front of you, in which you will get Popular Recharge, Special Recharge, Top Up, 2G/3G/4g data recharge, Full up recharge, will appear, you can select any recharge plan, you can recharge by filling the amount of recharge in Recharge Amount, after selecting Plan Recharge Click on the Process to Recharge button at the bottom .

ATM Card Se Recharge

Step 4 : Now in the next page you have to select Recharge Payment Method by which you want to make recharge payment Debit Card, Credit Card, Bhim UPI, Net Banking can make recharge payment using anyone but we can do mobile recharge from bank account want to do Therefore, select Debit Card and then enter your debit card number in Card Number, enter Expiry date, enter CVV number which is 3 digits behind the ATM card, you will get this complete detail on the ATM card itself, after that Click on the Pay button Step 5: After clicking on the Pay button, OTP will come on your registered mobile number from the bank, which is called One Time Password, after entering the OTP One Time Password, then submit it to you .You have to click on it, you will see the Mobile Recharge Successfully message as soon as you do this.

In this way you can recharge any mobile through ATM Card / Debit Card, Credit Card with the help of Paytm, Google Pay, Bhim app, phonepe, Mobikwik, FreeCharge, Amazon pay, Tapzo, Oxigen Wallet, PayZapp.

This post will also be helpful for those people who want to know how to recharge mobile from ATM, how to recharge mobile from bank account, so in this post we have told how to recharge mobile through bank account, similarly you can do any If you recharge from online recharge website, then this is the way to recharge from bank account.

You have to enter debit card number, expiry date and CVV number, then friends, anytime you want to recharge mobile with ATM card, you can do it in the same way, before recharging mobile, if you search recharge coupon discount, coupon code on internet. If you recharge, you can get recharge cashback.

By recharging mobile from ATM, you can save time as well as save some money, today there are many coupon code websites on the internet, by visiting which you can get recharge coupon code, www., these are all best recharge company website.

How did you like the information about recharging online sitting at home, you must tell through the comment and if you have any question related to this post in your mind, then you can tell us through the comment.

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