How to Recover Deleted Photos from Mobile Phone Gallery

Even in this day of instantaneous communication, there is no replacing the nostalgic significance of printed photographs. Nonetheless, accidents can happen, and pictures might disappear without warning. The good news is that your valuable memories are retrievable with the correct strategy and resources. In this post, we’ll take a look at how to retrieve lost images from Google Photos, galleries, mobile phone storage, and other places. We’ll also explain how to dig out old pictures, even if it’s been years since they were taken. We’ll also suggest some useful programs that can bring back your lost photographs.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Google Photos

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Mobile Phone Gallery

Google Pictures is a popular online service for archiving pictures and videos. Here’s how to get back images you deleted from your Google Photos account by accident:

  • Launch the Google Photos desktop site or mobile app.
  • Choose “Library” from the drop-down menu.
  • To access previously erased images, use the “Trash” folder.
  • To get back any deleted pictures, just press and hold on them.
  • To return the images to their previous storage location in your Google Photos library, use the “Restore” option.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from Gallery

If you’ve deleted images from your device’s gallery but not from a cloud service, you may be able to get them back in a few different ways, depending on the OS.

For Android:

  • Launch Android’s “Gallery” application.
  • Choose “Trash” or “Recently Deleted” from the “Three-dot” menu (the naming may vary depending on your device).
  • Choose out the images you need to retrieve.
  • To get your lost pictures back into your gallery, use the “Restore” button.

For iOS:

  • To see photos on an iOS device, use the Pictures app.
  • Choose “Recently Deleted” under the “Albums” menu.
  • Choose the pictures you want to retrieve by tapping the corresponding button.
  • To bring back the chosen pictures to your gallery, click the “Recover” button.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Phone Memory

It is possible to recover images that have been erased from the internal storage or external SD card of your phone. Here’s how to accomplish that goal:

  • If you want to keep the deleted photographs from being overwritten by fresh data, put down the phone immediately.
  • Get a good picture restoration software for your PC. Recuva, DiskDigger, and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard are just a few examples.
  • If you want to transfer files from your phone to your computer, you’ll need to use a USB cord.
  • Start up the picture restoration program and choose your phone as the storage device.
  • To see whether any deleted images have been left behind on your phone, you may run a scan.
  • When the scan is finished, you may go at a sample of the recovered photographs and choose which ones to bring back.
  • Choose the photographs you want to preserve and then click the “Recover” option.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Mobile Devices

Depending on your mobile device’s operating system and model, the procedure for retrieving lost images may be different. These are some guidelines to follow in general:

  • Look under the “Recently Deleted” section of your picture library or app.
  • If you have set up automatic backups using a service like Google Photos or iCloud, you may use them to retrieve your lost pictures.
  • If all of the above fail, you might try utilizing a data recovery app made for your mobile device.
  • Scan your device’s memory (both internal and external) and your SD card for deleted images by following the app’s instructions.

Top 5 Photo Recovery Apps to Retrieve Deleted Photos

When you delete images by accident, it may be upsetting, but with the aid of photo recovery programs, you can get them back. These programs can go through your device’s memory, determine which images were deleted, and bring them back for you. Here, we’ll discuss five of the top picture restoration programs for both Android and iOS.


One of the most downloaded picture recovery apps for Android is called DiskDigger. It can retrieve lost photographs from both the device’s memory and external SD cards. The tool provides two different types of picture recovery — Basic Scan and Full Scan — and supports many file formats. Comprehensive Scan digs deeper to identify photographs that may have been deleted a while ago, while Basic Scan is ideal for swiftly searching for recently deleted photos. Although DiskDigger itself is free, additional functions may be unlocked by making in-app payments.

Download Platform: Android

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

EaseUS MobiSaver

Both Android and iOS users may get their photos back with the help of EaseUS MobiSaver. Photos, films, and other media items that have been erased may be recovered. Before beginning the recovery procedure, you may get a preview of the photographs that will be saved. It’s designed for those who don’t have a lot of experience with computers because of how simple the interface is. But, you may need to purchase the premium version in order to access all of the functions.

Download Platform: Android, iOS

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Stellar Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery is an adaptable program that works with both iOS and Android. It can bring back not only photographs, but also documents, movies, and more. The software has a complete scanning function for retrieval from both internal and external storage. Stellar Data Recovery provides a free demo, with the full version available for purchase.

Download Platform: Android, iOS
Price: Free trial available; Premium version requires purchase


A digital trash can, Dumpster is a picture recovery software available only on Android. You may easily recover recently lost photographs, movies, and other items from an automated backup. The free version of the software includes basic recovery tools, while the paid edition adds support for cloud storage and other security measures.

Download Platform: Android
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Remo Recover

The Android and iOS versions of Remo Recover, a powerful data recovery program, are now accessible to users. If your device’s storage has been damaged, formatted, or you accidentally erased some images, this tool can get them back. The program employs sophisticated algorithms to get as much information as possible. The free edition of Remo Recover allows you to see a preview of the photographs that can be recovered, but the complete recovery features are only available in the paid premium version.

Download Platform: Android, iOS
Price: Free trial available; Premium version requires purchase

Having a picture recovery program on your smartphone might be a lifesaver in the event that you delete a precious shot by mistake. These five programs have been shown to be dependable and successful in recovering lost images, while no tool can promise a 100% recovery rate. In the event of picture loss, you should take immediate action and limit your use of the device until the backup is complete. You should also routinely back up your images to avoid losing them forever. Protect your memories by downloading a picture recovery program that works with your device.

How to Get Back Photos from the Past

If you haven’t backed up your images to the cloud, it might be difficult to retrieve ones from many years ago. The following methods, however, are worth a shot:

Check Old Devices or Drives: Check any old phones, hard drives, or laptops you may have to see if you have any of the pictures.

Check Email or Messaging Apps: Sending a picture over the mail, on Facebook, or through a messaging app is a common occurrence. If you want to locate those pictures, go through your previous mails.

Ask Friends and Family: It’s possible that one of your loved ones already has a duplicate of the pictures you’re trying to find. Try contacting them to see if they can provide any assistance.

Data Recovery Services: Using expert data recovery services may be an option if the images are really important to you, but it can be expensive and is not always successful.


Q: Which app to download to recover deleted photos?

A: Recuva, DiskDigger, and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (for PCs) are just a few of the picture recovery tools out there (for mobile devices). Choose the one that works best with your system and needs.

Q: Is it possible to recover photos permanently deleted from the recycle bin or trash?

A: Photos emptied from the trash or recycling bin may be recoverable with the use of data recovery software provided you act fast. With time, though, fresh data might replace the deleted files, reducing the possibilities.

Q: Can I recover photos from a water-damaged phone?

A: The first thing you should do if your phone is damaged by water is to get it fixed. The photographs could be retrievable from the phone’s memory using data recovery software after that, but it’s not a sure thing.

Q: Are there any precautions to prevent photo loss?

A: Certainly, routinely backing up your images to the cloud or an external hard drive will protect you from the heartbreak of losing precious memories. You should also think twice before erasing anything, and the “Recycle Bin” tool may come in handy.

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