How to Reset And Unlock Meizu E2

Meizu E2 Reset and Unlock In this post, we are telling Mobiles Pattern Lock, Pin Code, Password, Gmail, Google All Lock Remove Solution, and Hard Reset Code.

Meizu E2 Reset and Unlock

Hard reset deletes all your contact number media files, so read the post below.

What to do before Hard Reset – Factory Reset Mobile

Step 1: First, turn off your mobile by pressing the Power button.

Step 2: Now press and hold the Volume Up + Power button (or) Volume Down + Power until Meizu E2 Logo appears, then you will see Recovery Mode.

Meizu E2 Wipe Data/ Factory Reset

Step 3: Now select the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option, use the Volume Buttons to select, and press the Power Button to confirm.

Meizu E2 Yes delete all user data

Step 4: 
 Scroll down a bit and select Yes, delete all user data and press the Power button.

Meizu E2 : reboot system now

Step 5
: Select Reboot System Now and press the Power Button button.

Meizu E2 Factory Reset

Meizu E2 Hard reset can come in handy when you forget the lock of the mobile and are unable to enter the settings of the mobile, but when you can reach the settings of the mobile, then you can reset the mobile to the factory very easily. To do Meizu E2 Mobiles Factory Reset, follow these steps.

  1.  Click on Meizu E2  Settings
  2. Click on Backup & Reset  option
  3. Now   click on Factory Data Reset,
  4.  Click on Reset phone
  5. Now, if you have entered a pattern lock pin lock password in your Meizu E2 mobile, you must enter your password and then click on Erase everything.
  6. Now it may take a couple of minutes for the mobile setting and data to be deleted, so wait for the phone to turn on in the correct position; at this time, do not tamper with the Meizu E2 phone.
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