How To Reset Micromax Keypad Mobile

How To Reset Micromax Keypad Mobile (Micromax Mobile Code) If you are a Micromax keypad mobile user and want to reset your Micromax keypad mobile hard, this post is for you. By hard resetting the mobile, the mobile comes in the same condition in which you bought the mobile.

To Hard Reset Micromax Keypad Mobile, you will need a security code, so in this post, we are telling you all the security codes of Micromax Keypad mobile and how to reset the mobile hard.

How To Reset Micromax Keypad Mobile

How To Reset Micromax Keypad Mobile

Default Codes: 0000, 1234, 4321, 1122, 9999

How To Break Password To Keypad Mobile: Too Hard Reset Micromax Keypad Mobile Follow The Following Steps
Step 1:  First Turn On Your Mobile

Step 2: Now go to the  Settings of the mobile

Step 3: Now click on the Reset Factory Settings option.

Step 4: Now you will be asked for Security Code; Security Code is 0000, 1234, 4321, 1122, and 9999; you can try all these codes one by one, which 1 code will definitely work on your mobile, and your mobile is successfully hard to reset will go.

I hope you now understand how to reset Micromax Keypad Mobile and what is Micromax Mobile Format Code If you like the information about breaking the lock of Micromax Keypad Mobile, then share it with your friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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