How to Set Your Name Caller Tune in jio 2023

Hello friends, in the previous post, we told you about how to set Free Caller Tune on Jio Number, in the same way, in this post, we will tell you about how to set caller tune of your name in Jio, the way caller on Jio number Tune can be installed for free, similarly Jio provides its customers the facility to set the name caller tune for free.

What is Name Caller Tune?

How to Set Your Name Caller Tune in jio

Name caller tune means, in it a sound is heard with music by taking the name of the mobile user, like suppose your name is Bajrang, then after setting the name caller tune, whenever someone calls you, it will be heard as follows will give

  • thank you calling bajrang
  • Thanks for calling Bajrang.
  • Bajrang is busy please stay on the line.

Listen Audio of Your Name Caller Tune

Some people consider caller tune and hello tune as different, but hello tune and caller tune are the same, caller tune is the one which is heard by the caller which we have told you above.

How to Set Your Name Caller Tune in jio

By the way, it is very easy to set your name caller tune in Jio, you can activate name caller tune on any of your Jio number by sending a message from your Jio mobile, but you will have to do some hard work to find your name, Because search cannot be done by typing any name directly inside Jio.

Steps to Set your name Caller tune in Jio

Step 1: First of all open the message box in your mobile from where you send the message.

Step 2: Now write Album Name Tune in the message box and send it to 56789.

Step 3: Then a message will come on your mobile from Jio, in which there will be a list of caller tune starting with A if your name is there, then whatever number is your name, type that number in the reply.

If your name is not there in that list, then you have to send it by writing More in the reply, then a list of 10 more names will come in front of you, you can find your name in it, if your name is not there then again you will have to read More Send by typing, in this way you can search name caller tune from A to Z.

Step 4: When you get your name caller tune, then reply by typing the number on which the caller tune is, like if your name tune is on number 10, then you have to type 10 and send it.

Step 5: After that, to confirm, you have to reply by typing 1 in the reply. After that name caller tune will be started on your number within 30 minutes and this caller tune will be free for 30 days.

How to Set Name Caller tune in Jio: video

We have also made a video for how to set your name hello tune or caller tune on Jio number, you can set caller tune on your Jio sim card by watching the video below. If you like the video then share it with your friends and like it.

How to turn off Your name Caller tune in Jio?

It is also very easy to turn off caller tune in Jio. After enjoying 1 month free caller tune, if you want no money to be deducted from your number, then to turn off caller tune, text STOP to 56789 from the same mobile number. Send, after that your number and name caller tune will stop.

So now you have understood how to set and turn off your name caller tune in Jio , we have told you both the ways. If you have already set your name caller tune and want to stop it, then text STOP to 56789. Jio name caller tune is free for 30 days, you can avail this service for free for 30 days, and if you do not stop it before 30 days, then the next month’s charge will be deducted from your mobile, So if you want to use it for free then you can stop it before 30 days.

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