How To Turn off Lost Jio Sim

Hello friends, is your Jio SIM card lost or stolen and you are wondering how to turn off the lost Jio SIM, then this post can be useful for you because in this post we will tell you, your Jio SIM was stolen. But, we are telling you how to block Jio SIM when it is dropped, by blocking Jio SIM, you can save it from being misused.

Earlier we told you, how to remotely block a lost phone If your phone is stolen or dropped then you can read this post, by blocking the stolen phone, you can misuse your personal data. You can save this from happening, so you must read this post once.

After disconnecting the jio sim card, you can take another sim card of the same number, the method we will tell you about in the post, which is called jio sim replacement.

How To Turn off Lost Jio Sim

Follow these steps to block a lost jio sim :

  1. First of all call on 198 or 1800 889 9999 from any other jio number
  2. After that choose the option to talk to the customer care
  3. After the call is received, tell the customer care officer why discontinuing the Jio SIM card.
  4. Then the Jio customer care officer will ask you for the information related to the SIM card, such as in whose name your Jio SIM card is, tell the correct information when the last recharge was done, and after confirming your SIM will be closed.

That’s all you have to do to turn off the Jio SIM card, keep in mind that you should know the complete information related to the Jio SIM card, then only you will be able to tell the correct information to the Jio official, if you do not know the information related to the Jio SIM card. , then the jio customer care officer will think that this sim card is not yours, and he will not turn off the jio sim card, so try to provide the correct information related to the sim card to the jio customer care officer.

how to get a duplicate jio sim

Once you disconnect your jio sim card, no one will be able to misuse it, but if you need the same jio number again, then no need to panic, you can get another jio sim card with the same number For which we have already written a post, you can read the post given below.

Jio Sim Replacement – ​​How to Remove Duplicate Sim of Jio

So friends now you know, how to lock a lost jio sim jio sim card, you have to talk to the jio customer care officer and tell them that your sim card has been stolen or lost, In this way you can get any jio sim card turned off, but it is essential that you should know the complete information related to jio sim card.

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