How to Turn off SIM Lock? Keypad, Android, iphone

How to Turn off SIM Lock: In this post we will tell you how to turn off SIM lock? Keypad, Android, iPhone, If you have put sim lock in mobile and turn off mobile then you will be asked simpin, entering wrong pin three times can block your sim card because today less than 3-4 years Children of all ages are also playing games.

But they do not know how to unlock the mobile, what is the sim pin, unknowingly pressing any wrong key keeps the sim card locked, to get rid of this problem, you can disable the sim card lock in the mobile. If yes, then let’s learn how to turn off SIM lock in Android, iPhone, keypad mobile.

What is sim lock?

How to Turn off SIM Lock? Keypad, Android, iphone

Sim card lock is a very amazing feature made for the security of the sim card, after enabling it, if you switch off your mobile and turn it on, then you are asked for Sim Pin.

Sim Pin is of 4 digits, Sim Pin is required to enable/disable Sim Lock, you can also change it, Sim Pin of all mobile network company is different, if you enter wrong pin 3 times, Sim Card gets blocked. and asks for PUK Code.

If you want to not ask for PUK number when mobile switch off and power off then follow these steps

How to turn off sim lock in android ?

  1. First of all go to your mobile setting.
  2. Now click on Security .
  3. Now select your Sim.
  4. Then click on the Set up Sim Card Lock option.
  5. Now click on the button next to Lock Sim Card.
  6. Then a popup will open, put your Sim Pin in it and OK, the sim lock is closed on your mobile.

How to turn off Sim Pin Lock in iPhone ?

IPhone Sim pin Disabled
  • Open mobile’s settings, 
  • Now click on Sim pin
  • Select radio button indicates green (in the on state)
  • Now enter the pin which you created while unlocking the PUK code and click OK, after that it will turn into off mode, and will never ask for sim pin after turning off the mobile.

How to disable Sim Pin Lock on Keypad Mobile

  1. Click on Settings in mobile,
  2. Now click on Security
  3. Click on Pin Lock
  4. Now Enter Your Mobile Pin, Immediately After Entering Pin Your Sim Security Will Automatically Go To OFF Mode
  5. Click on Sim Lock to turn off Sim Lock.
  6. Ok by entering your Sim Pin.

In this way you can turn off sim card lock on your mobile and prevent sim card from getting blocked I hope  how to turn off sim lock? You must have liked the information about Keypad, Android, iPhone, then share it with your friends.     

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