How To Turn on Locked SIM the Easy Way

In this post, we will tell you how to turn on the closed SIM, if your Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, Jio, or Tata Docomo’s SIM is closed, then this post is going to be very helpful for you because this post we will Telling how to restart the sim. Along with this, we will also tell you what is the reason for the shutdown of the SIM, how many days you can restart the closed SIM, and what you need to have to start the SIM.

How to Turn on a Locked SIM?

How To Turn on Locked SIM the Easy Way

Ever since Jio’s SIM has come into the market, many people’s SIM cards are being closed, the reason is that people who already have Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone SIM, do not use them and get Jio SIM recharged only. and keep the rest of the SIM cards for incoming calls only.

Why Does the Sim Get Switch Off?

There was a time when we did not recharge our mobile, even then incoming calls used to come on it, but now it is not like that, now whether you use a SIM card or not, you will have to recharge the validity, all recharge information is given below. Can also get by reading the post.

After the validity expires, the outgoing service will be stopped on that number, you will not be able to call any number, but calls will continue to come to your number for 10 days, even after that if you do not recharge, outgoing calls will be made to your number. , Incoming calls, SMS all features will be turned off.

Even after that, if you do not recharge for 90 days, then your SIM card will be deactivated, after 90 days, 15 days are given to reactivate the SIM, which is called Grace Period.

Even within the Grace Period, if the user does not get his SIM card activated, then the company makes another postpaid sim card of the same number and releases it in the market, after that if another person buys that SIM card, then there may be a problem. Now the question arises of how to get back the number of the closed sim, so let us now know how to activate the closed sim.

What is needed to activate a locked SIM?

To restart the closed SIM card, you should have the same documents from which you had taken the SIM card earlier as you had taken it from the Aadhaar card, then the Aadhaar card should be with you because it has to be copied and submitted.

You should also remember the mobile number of the SIM card number you want to activate again, because if you do not remember the mobile number then what will you tell, me which number you want to activate? What is your mobile number, so it is very important to remember your mobile number.

How to Activate Locked Sim

To restart the SIM, you have to go to the store of that company, and then by getting E-KYC done, you can get the SIM card restarted, to get E-KYC done, you have to take your Aadhaar card along, only then E KYC will be done.

Make sure that you are doing this work in the Grace Period, if the Grace Period is over, then you cannot get that number back, so you are given a period of 90 days or 15 days after that to activate the SIM card. It has to be activated at that time only.

If Grace Period is over and you are not getting that number then you can take a Postpaid SIM card for that number, after using a Postpaid SIM card for 90 days you can convert it again to a Prepaid number.

For more information about postpaid sim cards, you can get by calling the Customer Care Number, there you will get complete information, about what documents will be required for a postpaid sim card and how much it will be charged.

How To Save Your Number From Being Blocked?

To save the SIM card from being closed, you will have to recharge the validity from time to time, if you are not able to recharge as soon as the validity expires, then recharge the validity within 90 days after the expiry of the validity, by doing this anytime Your number will not be closed.

Benefits of turning on a closed SIM

There are several benefits to keeping the old SIM card active or moving it to a new device if it is already linked to numerous accounts and services:

Convenience: You can retain continuity with your accounts and services by continuing to use the old SIM card. Your phone number won’t need to be changed on many platforms, including social networking, messaging services, and financial accounts. By doing this, you can tell others of a changed phone number with less time and effort.

Security: Keeping the old SIM card operational can give an extra degree of security if it is connected to vital accounts like email, banking, or social media. Many online services utilize two-factor authentication (2FA), which involves sending security codes or confirmation messages to your phone number, to confirm your identity. You may make sure you continue to get these crucial communications by keeping the old SIM card operational.

Account Recovery: Keeping the previous SIM card operational can be beneficial for account recovery in the event that you lose your passwords or experience problems logging into your accounts. Numerous platforms let you reclaim access to your accounts by using your phone number to confirm your identity.

Contact Preservation: Keeping the old SIM card alive enables you to immediately access any crucial contacts it may have that haven’t been synced to the cloud or your device. If you have significant or difficult-to-replace contacts stored on the SIM card, this can be quite useful.

Transition Period: It can occasionally be advantageous to leave the old SIM card operational while transferring data and accounts to the new device during a device upgrade or transition. This guarantees continuous service delivery and access throughout the changeover.

While keeping the old SIM card active can have benefits, it’s also vital to take into account aspects like the cost of maintaining several active SIM cards or any potential security issues connected with doing so. To choose the best course of action, evaluate your unique needs and circumstances.

SIM card FAQ

My Number Has Been Bought By Someone Else Can I Get That Number?

Your number is switched off and you have not activated it, after someone else has bought that number, then you cannot buy that number, but you can buy that number by talking to whoever has bought that number. You can get your SIM card back in your name, the method is given here, read this post: How to transfer SIM card ownership to your name

How to Activate Sim is Locked?

The way to activate the closed SIM is described in this post, you have Airtel, Idea, Jio, Vodafone-Idea {V} BSNL, or any other company’s SIM card, you can activate it again by following the post.

The Grace Period of My Sim Card is Over, Can I Get That Number?

As we told you above, after the Grace Period is over, the company makes a postpaid sim card of that number and puts it back in the market, if that number is not taken by anyone else, then absolutely you can get that number, Take your documents to the nearest store, you will get a postpaid sim card of that number, after 90 days you can convert it again into a prepaid sim card.

Will The Balance Be Returned If I Take Another Sim Card of The Same Number?

You will get back whatever balance was there in your mobile and whatever service was activated on your number will be activated again, like call forwarding service, miss call alert service, hello tune service all

Someone else has taken the sim card off my number, can I get it back?

No, if someone has taken the sim card of that number then nothing can happen now you cannot get that number.

What if you can’t restart a locked SIM card?

If you have created an account with that number on social media like Facebook, or Twitter, then you will not be able to recover your account, and if you have linked that number with a bank account, then you may have more problems because you will not get OTP. will not be able to get

In how many days should the SIM card be reactivated?

After the validity is over, the SIM card should be activated within 90 days, if you are not able to activate it even in 90 days, then it must be activated in the Grace Period.

Will our contacts be returned after replacing the sim?

You will not be able to get the contact number of the old sim after replacing the sim, you will have to add the contact number again to the new sim card.

My number is getting calls but not going through is my number blocked?

The call is coming, which means your number is not closed, the validity of your number has expired, and after recharging the validity, your outgoing call will start.

How do I know my number has been blocked?

When the service of your number is completely stopped, then the network will disappear from your mobile, the validity expires, then calls will continue to come to your number for 10 days and after that, the calls will also stop, and then 90 days Till then the network will remain on your number and then the network will disappear then you can understand that your number is closed.

video to Activate Locked Sim

So now you must have understood how to activate a closed SIM, very few people see such a problem because, after the expiry of validity, incoming calls keep coming for 10 days but outgoing calls stop at the same time, most of the people in their Gets the validity recharge done in the mobile.

If no recharge is done after 10 days, then the incoming call, outgoing call, and SMS means all the facilities are stopped and the SIM is deactivated if no recharge is done in 90 days, then the time of 90 days is not less. Even for such a long time, if someone does not pay attention to the SIM, then maybe that SIM card is not useful for him.

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