Get Deleted Call Details: How to View Deleted Call History on Android

Get Deleted Call Details: How to View Deleted Call History on Android

Many people now use Android smartphones. When using an Android phone, you could run into a lot of problems. Recovering the inadvertently lost call history from the Android phone is one of these problems. It’s possible that when using your Android phone regularly, you clicked the incorrect button and erased the call log.

There may have been some crucial phone calls that you made but failed to record the numbers. Should you find yourself in such a position, you will undoubtedly want to know the many methods for seeing the erased call log entries on your Android phone. If you find yourself in a position like this and need to know how to access erased call history on an Android phone, check out the simplest and best approach, which is detailed below.

Get Deleted Call Details: How to View Deleted Call History on Android

Get Deleted Call Details: How to View Deleted Call History on Android

Part 1: Can I View Deleted Call History on My Android Phone?

Do you want to examine your phone’s erased call history? Let’s examine the causes of this scenario first before learning more about it. There are a number of sad scenarios when you could have accidentally erased your phone’s call history, lost it, and now wish to see deleted call log Android. Several factors might be to blame for this.

  • Your Android smartphone might be damaged.
  • You might have lost the call log entries as a result of a malware assault.
  • It’s possible that you removed it unintentionally.
  • For the reasons listed below, you may wish to restore your deleted call history on your HTC Android device.
  • You could be the kind of person that seldom saves the phone numbers from their call record.
  • You may want the call log number restored if you neglected to preserve it before it was removed.

You may urgently need to see the call log entries in the aforementioned circumstances because they could include an essential phone number. With an Android phone, it is, of course, possible to examine the erased call history. Learn how to view deleted phone call history on a Samsung Galaxy S7 by reading on.

Part 2: Guide on How to View Deleted Call History on Android Phone (Included Samsung, Motorola)

Using third-party programs designed expressly to recover deleted or lost data from your Android phone is the best and maybe the only option to learn how to see deleted call log on Android. One such program that does this task really well is Tenorshare UltData for Android. You may quickly retrieve the deleted items from your Android phone’s call log using this program and inspect them to find the relevant phone numbers. Here are some straightforward instructions for utilizing Tenorshare UltData to view deleted call history on a Motorola device.

Step 1: Install the tool on your system, launch it and connect your Android device to the system.

Download UltData for Android

Step 2: From the main menu, choose “Recover All Data.”

Recover All Data

Step 3: When a dialogue box asks whether USB debugging has to be enabled on the phone, wait for your device to be recognized and then select “OK.”

the USB debugging needs to be enabled on the phone.

Step 4: Click “Next” after choosing “Call History” from the list of possibilities.

Call History

Step 5: Choose the directory where you want to store the call history and click “Save” after previewing the files if you’d like.


Your system will then retain the call history that was removed from your Android phone. On your system, you may check the call history and store the numbers you want. The simplest approach to learn how to see deleted call history on Android is by using this method.

Call Detail FAQ

Can I recover deleted call records?

If your phone has a detachable memory card that you use to store call recordings, you may easily retrieve any call recordings that have been accidentally erased. You may use it to recover deleted call recordings or other audio files from all types of Android SD cards, CF cards, Micro SD cards, etc. as long as your lost data isn’t overwritten.

How do I Retrieve deleted history on Android?

Step 1: Open Manage Your Google Account under Settings > Google on your Android device.

Step 2: Go down to “Activity and timeline” under “Data & Personalization,” click “My Activity,” and then scroll back up. 3. Scroll down to see your search history. To access additional information, just touch on any file.

How can I recover deleted call recording in MI?

Open the Settings app on your Mi smartphone, then scroll down to Mi account. Choose the most recent backup file by selecting the Restore from Backup option. Tap Restore using this backup to start the procedure, then hold off until it’s finished.

Can I see my deleted history?

You cannot retrieve deleted Search history that has been saved to your Google Account. You have the option of erasing a single action, a preset date period, or all of your Search history. Open the Google app on your Android smartphone or tablet. History of searches.

How do I open deleted history?

  • Google History Search.
  • Click Welcome to Google My Activities.
  • Go to your Google account and log in.
  • Together with the date and time, your whole internet and browser history will be shown.
  • See your past as necessary.

Where is deleted data stored on Android?

How can I recover my deleted call log in redmi?

Step 1: FoneDog Toolkit- Android Data Recovery should be launched and connected to the Xiaomi phone.

Step 2: On the Xiaomi, enable USB debugging.

Step 3: To Recover your deleted call history from Xiaomi, choose that option.

How can I recover deleted files from my Android without a computer?

  • Go to “Gallery” or “Album” on your Android phone.
  • In the upper-right corner, click “MORE.”
  • Press “Settings” and then “Recycle bin.”
  • You can find all of the deleted pictures and videos from there.
  • Choose what you want, then click the “restore” button.

How do I check my call history on Vodafone?

Through Itemized Ebill, Call History on Vodafone Prepaid Phone

Prepaid consumers may contact the customer service line at (888) 199-9922 to get the Vodafone itemized Ebill. You may also text the word “Ebill” to 199.

Why call history is getting deleted?

Most phones store call records until they are deleted. As you said, your phone only keeps records for a maximum of five days. In order to do this, you must first access your phone’s settings. There, you may find choices for retaining records for a week, a month, for autodelete, or for self-setting. Choose the one you want if you see these.

Are there records of phone calls?

Cell phone use data is extensively and meticulously documented in the records that cellular phone providers maintain. The times and locations of phone conversations, text messages sent and received, and data transfers are all tracked by wireless operators.

Does Google keep track of deleted history?

Your “deleted” information will still be kept by Google for audits and other internal purposes. It won’t, however, utilize information to tailor your search results or provide you with more relevant adverts.

How can I check my Airtel call history?

Click the generate new message button under the SMS section. Send the SMS to 121 while entering EPREBILLspace>MONTH NAMEspace>YOUR EMAIL ID. If you wish to see all of the calls made in February, you must text EPREBILL FEBRUARY to 121.

Can parents see deleted history?

Even if you delete your search history, can parents still see it? Yes. As you can see from the discussion above, there are several methods for them to observe what you do online even if you clear your browser history. Crucially, people must be computer aware for this to work.

Who can see my call records?

As they are required by law to do so, anybody who can show they are the primary account holder should be allowed to get a copy of their information.

Can hackers find deleted history?

Even after you believe the files have been destroyed, cybercriminals and hackers may still be able to access sensitive data saved on your computer.

How can I get call history without FIR?

No officer with a level lower than that of a Police Superintendent may collect Call Records. Only with a court order or directive may telecom providers provide call records. Anyone may contact the company’s customer support service to access recent Call Records without a court order.

Where are Whatsapp call recordings stored?

The “Record Calls” option will appear if the capability is accessible. Just press the “Record Calls” button while on the call to start recording. The call recording will be kept in the internal memory of your phone.

Can you see deleted history on Google?

If you have already created a backup using File History, you may recover deleted browsing history on Google Chrome. Once enabled, File History creates regular backups of your files and lets you restore them to a prior version based on the version you wish.

Is call Recording an evidence?

Electronic recordings that are presented for the court’s review are regarded as documentary evidence under section 3 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. According to sections 65A and 65B of the same Act, electronic records are acceptable. Call recordings are admissible in court as a result of these regulations.

Can we download call history?

Visit the “Call Logs” feature page. To examine a number’s call history, choose a contact from the list. Choose “Save PDF,” “Save CSV,” or “Copy Call Logs.” Click Save after deciding where to store your exported file on your Computer.

Where can I find deleted files in Mobile?

Recover Lost Android Files from Google Account

During a period of 30 days, Google Drive will retain deleted items in your trash: Click the Menu button in Google Drive after opening it. Uncover trash. Tap More, then Restore, after selecting the file you wish to restore.

How can I Recover my deleted call history in oppo?

How to Get Back Deleted Call Records and History on an OPPO

  • Run and connect the OPPO device.
  • Enable USB Debugging.
  • Choose the file type you want to recover
  • Check OPPO for any deleted call recordings or history.
  • Review and restore deleted call histories and recordings


Your Android phone may have lost part of the call log entries owing to a technical issue, or you may have wiped the call history on your device. There could be certain crucial numbers in the call record that, if lost, might cause serious problems.

Are you wondering how to see deleted call history on a Samsung device? The greatest answer to this issue is Tenorshare UltData for Android. With the aid of this program, you may restore not just call records but any kind of data that you may have erased or lost from your Android phone by following a few basic and straightforward procedures.

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