How to Watch YouTube Video offline in Mobile?

Hello, friends welcome to Meena Site, in this post we will tell you, how to watch YouTube videos offline on mobile. YouTube is the world’s largest video search engine, on YouTube, we get to watch all types of videos online, which we can watch online on our computer and mobile, but do you know that you can download YouTube videos on your Android mobile without the internet too? You can see, earlier we told you How to Download YouTube videos.

YouTube’s offline feature is a very amazing feature, through this feature you can save your favorite videos and watch them offline, let’s know why watch YouTube videos offline, what are the benefits of watching offline, and What is YouTube Offline? How to Save and Watch Videos Offline?

What are the Benefits of Watching YouTube Videos offline?

How to Watch YouTube Video offline in Mobile?

Watch movies online on YouTube, some of those videos are movies that we like very much and we like to watch them again and again, but the number of times we watch them will cost our internet data but we can watch that video as a Once we download it for offline viewing, we can watch that video offline whenever we get time, that is, without internet.

This will save our internet data, again and again, our internet data will not be spent only once internet data will be spent, secondly, many times the internet is not able to run on our mobile, in such condition you will be able to watch your favorite video offline.

One advantage of saving youtube videos for offline viewing is that we do not need a memory card for this because this video is not saved in the memory card, this video is saved in our youtube account which we can use from our Gmail id. You can see by login, the video downloaded offline is not saved in the memory card, so the memory card is also saved, you will not have to see that your memory card is full, you can save as many videos as you want to watch offline. Can you?

I hope you understand what is YouTube Offline. You can watch it anytime, whenever you get time, so it is beneficial for us to save YouTube videos, let us now learn how to save YouTube videos offline.

How to Save YouTube Videos Offline?

How to Save YouTube Videos Offline? It is very easy to save youtube videos offline, follow the steps below to see your favorite videos.

Step 1. First of all open YouTube App on your mobile, if you do not have the YouTube app on your mobile then you can download it from here

Download YouTube App

Step 2. After opening the app, search for any of your favorite songs, or movies and play it.

YouTube Video Ko Offline Save Kaise Kare?

Step 3. After playing the video, you will see the option of Like, Unlike, Share and Download below the video,  click on Download, if your mobile has the option of Add to Offline then click on it

Step 4. Now a pop-up will open, in which you will be asked to select the quality of the video, according to you, HD 720p, Medium 360p, Low 144p in whatever quality you want to download.

According to the video format you select, your internet data will be spent and accordingly, it will take time to download the video but if you select high quality like HD 720p then you will get good quality video in it.

Step 5. After selecting the video quality, click on the OK button, after that your video will start downloading and will be saved in your YouTube account.

How to Watch YouTube Video offline on Mobile?

After downloading and saving the video, now it comes to how to watch youtube videos offline, follow these steps to watch your favorite videos without the internet.

How to Watch Videos Offline
  1. First of all turn off the Internet Connection on your mobile.
  2. After turning off the Internet Connection, open the YouTube app on your mobile.
  3. After opening the APP, click on the Library option, here all the videos you have saved will appear, by clicking on it you can watch your favorite video without the internet.


In this post, we told you what is YouTube Offline. What are the benefits of watching videos offline and also told you how to save YouTube videos offline. And how to watch your favorite video offline, I hope you must have understood the post well, how to watch YouTube without the Net, and you must have understood how to watch YouTube videos without the internet, How to watch YouTube videos offline on mobile?If you like the post then share this post with your friends and tell them how to watch youtube videos offline.

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