Idea Network Problem: Why network is not coming on Idea number?

Idea Network Problem : We are not able to do anything when there is no network on mobile, neither we can call anyone, nor we can send SMS to anyone, nor we can do any work on the internet, means to say Mobile is of no use without network, so in this post we will tell you why Idea mobile is not getting network, what is the reason and how to fix this problem.

Idea Network Problem: Why network is not coming in Idea Mobile?

Idea Network Problem: Why network is not coming on Idea number

Validity expires, not recharging validity till 90 days

This is the main reason for not getting network in Idea mobile, if the validity of your Idea mobile number expires, and you do not do any Idea validity recharge for 90 days after the validity expires, then the network connection is disconnected from your number. Due to which network does not come on Idea number, so first of all check it is available on your Idea number. Here’s how to check the validity of your BSNL number : How to check the validity of your BSNL number

Idea sim card damaged

This can be another reason for not getting network on Idea number, if your Idea SIM card is damaged, then network will not come on Idea number and it will come on emergency mode, now one thing must have come in your mind, I So if the Idea SIM is not taken out of the mobile, then how can the Idea SIM get damaged, then you would like to tell, many times the Idea SIM card gets damaged even if it is not taken out of the mobile.

First of all, find out whether your Idea SIM is bad or correct, for this try putting that Idea SIM Card in another mobile, if the network is coming in it, then your Idea SIM Card is absolutely correct, and the network is not coming. If it is then you can understand that your SIM card is damaged.

If the Idea SIM card is damaged, then here is the information on how to get another SIM card of the same number : Sim Replacement – ​​Duplicate SIM. How to change lost sim full details

Damaged mobile phone – or damaged mobile SIM card slot

Many times even due to mobile failure, network does not come, sometimes network comes, sometimes network goes, and sometimes it shows emergency mode, this type of problem occurs due to mobile malfunction, network range of many mobiles It is very rare, which can catch very few network singles. This problem can also be caused by a faulty SIM card on the mobile.

To fix this problem also, you put Idea SIM Card in another mobile phone, and then turn on the mobile, if the network is not coming in that mobile, then your previous mobile is bad.

Idea SIM Card not fitting properly in the Sim Slot

This can also be one of the main reasons for not getting network on mobile, many times Idea SIM Card gets shaken due to fall of mobile, and that network cannot catch the single, to fix this problem, Idea SIM Card Removed it and installed it correctly and then turn on the mobile.

Flight mode या Airplane mode

If by mistake Flight mode or Airplane mode has been started on your mobile, then it stops all the service related to the network, that is to say, the network stops coming on the Idea number.

Turn off Airplane mode

To fix this, go to Setting > Network & Internet > OFF Airplane mode.

not choosing the right network

Due to not choosing the right network, the network is not available on the Idea SIM card number, suppose you have selected 4G in the mobile settings to increase the internet speed, but Idea 4G service is not available in your city or village. If not, then the network will not come, so choose your right Idea Network, the information about how to do network settings in Idea mobile is given below.

Idea Network Settings

  • Open Settings on your Idea Phone
  • Then click on Mobile Network
  • After that select Idea SIM card .
Idea Network mode
  • Then you have to click on Network mode , here you will see 2G, 3G, 4G different options, here 4G is selected then select 2G or 3G, this option can be different in different mobiles, But in this way you can select network on your Idea Mobile Phone

Restart Idea Mobile Phone

Restart Idea Mobile, i.e. turn off the mobile and start it again, first press the switch off button of the Idea mobile, when the mobile is turned off, then turn it on again after 10 seconds, this can also solve the network problem. Is .

Reset Idea Mobile

Virus coming in Idea Mobile, even after setting Network Signal, the network is not able to catch, but by resetting the mobile, you can reset the default setting of Idea Network Signal, for this you read this: How to break the phone lock and forget So 3 easy ways to crack password

Search networks manually

Go to Idea mobile’s Network Settings, and do manual network search, it will show you whatever network is available, then select it, by doing this you can solve network problem on your Idea number.

sim card locked

Even after following all the steps mentioned above, if the network is not coming on your Idea number, then it is possible that your Idea SIM card is closed, to find out whether your SIM card is closed or active, you can Idea SIM Card can be seen by inserting it in another mobile phone, if Idea SIM Card is not working in that mobile phone also, then the Idea company has definitely blocked your SIM card.

Here is the information on how to activate a locked Idea SIM card : How to activate a locked SIM card the easy way

Idea sim card shutdown from mobile settings

If you have mistakenly turned off the Idea SIM Card option by going to the Settings of the mobile, then this may also be the reason for not getting the network on the Idea SIM Card, follow the steps given below to turn on the Idea SIM Card .

  • First of all open Settings in your mobile.
Idea SIM Card Settings
  • Now tap on the SIM Card , then see here, the Idea SIM Card in which the network is not coming is turned off or on, if it is off then turn it on.

You also read this : Why the message is not going – If the message is not going from mobile then follow these tips

So this article was about Idea Network Problem Reasons and their solution, I hope BSNL Mobile is not getting network? And how to fix it, this post will prove to be very helpful for you.

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