Jio Customer Care Number to Call – Jio Customer Care Number

Jio Customer Care Number to Talk to – Jio Customer Care Number  Jio has brought a new revolution in the internet world with the arrival of Jio in the market. Today many people use jio sim, sometimes we face such problems due to which we have to call jio customer care. For network problem, call not working, internet not working, recharge which is not activated, there are many such problems due to which we have to call jio customer care then what is the number of jio customer care, jio helpline What is the number, what is the number to be dialed to talk to a Jio customer? And Jio service center will know about all these in detail.

You must have also had such a problem and if it has not happened, then you may have to call Jio customer care at any time in the future, then what to do to talk to a Jio customer? For this, you must have a Jio customer care number, in this post we will give you complete information about the Jio Customer Care Toll-Free Number, through which you can call Jio customer care and get the solution to your problem.

Jio Customer Care Number

Jio Customer Care Number to Call – Jio Customer Care Number

Earlier we told you to check Jio’s Balance Data by dialing these numbers,  if you want to know Jio mobile’s main balance data balance expiry date, many Jio users need to call Jio customer care. They get upset because of not having a care number.

So we thought why not write a post about the jio customer care number so that anyone using the jio toll-free number can talk to jio customer care and get a solution to their problem? If you also have such questions, then keep reading this post from beginning to last, in this post we are going to give you complete information about Jio customer care’s toll-free number.

Jio Customer Care Number: Jio Toll-Free Number For All States Of India 24X7 (Monday – Sunday)

To talk to Jio customer care from any state of India, dial 1860-893-3333 but keep in mind that this number is only for Jio users, so dial the number from your Jio mobile.

What is Jio’s complaint number?

If you want to make any complaint regarding Jio then you can register your complaint by calling the toll-free number 198.

If you are getting a recharge offer, PUK code, internet not working, or network problem regarding your jio sim for any kind of help inquiry you can get a solution of your problem by calling on 199.

Number to check Jio Recharge Plan, Data Balance, Validity, Recharge Confirmation, and Offers

If you want to know about the recharge plan, data balance, validity, offer information, and recharge confirmation, then call 1991.

Number to call Jio customer care from another network

If you want to call Jio customer care from another network like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and BSNL then dial 1800-889-9999 this is Jio’s toll-free number. There is no charge for this, it is needed when your SIM is lost, the mobile falls or it is stolen, in such a condition you can get your SIM switched off by calling from another mobile number.

jio customer care number Rajasthan

If you are from Rajasthan then you can call on this number 1860-893-3333 Apart from Rajasthan it is working in other states also.

Apart from this, your JIO SIM is locked and asking for a PUK code, then by calling from another mobile number, you can know the PUK code of your JIO SIM.

What is the Jio Helpline Number?

For any query related to jio, you can contact jio company by dialing 1860-893-3333 from your jio number, if you don’t have jio number, your sim card is damaged, sim If the card is blocked, you can call 1800-889-9999 from other networks.

jio helpline number during international roaming

If you go to visit abroad, or have gone to visit abroad, and you are facing any kind of problem, jio network is not coming, the call is not working or any related to jio number. If you are facing any other problem then you have to dial +9170188999999 for help.

Note: This number is for international roaming only, and international charges will apply for making this call.

what is jio network signal problem number?

If jio network is not coming to your mobile or it is coming very less, there is any problem regarding the network then you can get a solution to your problem by calling the number 1860-893-3333.

What is jio tele-verification number?

To activate HD Voice and data services, call 1977 for tele-verification, then select your language, then enter the OTP sent to your alternate number.

What is Online Shopping Jio Customer Care Number?

For jio online shopping you can contact the toll-free number given below, this is jio toll-free number there is no call charge.

Helpline 1800-893-3399


Care Helpline Number for Jio Fiber Customers

If you use the GigaFiber service of Jio and you are facing any kind of problem then you can call on toll-free number given below.

Helpline 1800-896-9999

Device Care Helpline (JioPhone, LYF Mobile & JioFi)

If you use Jio LYF mobile i.e. use Jio feature phone, then you can contact the helpline number given below for any kind of assistance.

LYF mobile Helpline – 1800-890-9999

Jio Enterprise Mobility and Business Solutions Number

For any assistance related to Jio Enterprise Mobility & Business, you can contact the Jio toll-free number given below.

  • New Business Connection 1800-889-9555
  • Enterprise Mobility Service – 1800-889-9333
  • Enterprise Connectivity Services & Business Solutions – 1800-889-9444

State Wise Jio Customer Care Number

Below we are telling you the State Wise Jio Customer Care Number, you can contact them by selecting the Customer Care Number or fax number of your state.

Statecontact numberfax number
A state in Eastern India1800889399918008891211
Delhi NCR1800889399918008891211
Himachal Pradesh1800889399918008891211
Madhya Pradesh1800889399918008891211
Maharashtra and Goa1800889399918008891211
North East1800889399918008891211
Andra Pradesh1800889399918008891211
Tamil Nadu1800889399918008891211
Uttar Pradesh (West)1800889399918008891211
Uttar Pradesh (East)1800889399918008891211
West Bengal.1800889399918008891211

jio customer care WhatsApp number

jio customer care WhatsApp number 7000770007

WhatsApp is used by all, if you have WhatsApp downloaded to your mobile then you can talk to a customer service officer through jio customer care Whatsapp number 7000770707. The thing to note is that first of all add these numbers to your phone book because you already know that unless you save any contact number in your phonebook, you will not be able to talk on WhatsApp, So, first of all, add these numbers in your phone book, after that you can talk to Jio customer care through WhatsApp.

jio internet connection customer care number

If you have a Jio Fiber connection or you want to get a Jio Fiber connection then you can contact WhatsApp on number 7000570005 for Jio connection-related information or plan.

Jio sim tele-verification process

If you have got a new Jio SIM card, then follow the following procedure to get your number activated:

  1. First of all call on 1977 from your number.
  2. Then enter your alternate number and 5-digit PIN, which is sent to your alternate number.
  3. Then enter the last 4 digits of the Aadhar number.
  4. Reach out to our jio contact center consultant for manual verification.
  5. After successful verification, the services of your Jio SIM will be activated.

What is the number to contact jio customer care?

Above we have told you all the helpline numbers, complaint numbers, and Whatsapp numbers of jio by which you can connect with jio officials and get your problem fixed, but you are getting confused about which one to talk to jio Would like to let you know if you want to dial the number if you want to call for any kind of support then call 199, and if you have a complaint about jio then call 198, you can use WhatsApp on 7000777007 You can also talk to the Jio customer officer on chat.

Apart from this, you have taken a new sim card from Jio, have taken a new connection to Jio, then dial 1977 for tele-verification, JioFiber customers can get help through WhatsApp on 7000570005 for help.

Important Customer Care Number – Jio Number ALL INDIA

Although the Jio company has provided different numbers for different services for its customers, the numbers given below can fulfill all your requirements, on these numbers you can contact us for any kind of help or complaint. You can do this information is given below.

  • 199 from your Jio number
  • 1977 for the tele-verification process
  • 198 For Grievance and Help
  • 70007770007 Jio WhatsApp Mobile Number
  • 1860-893-3333 Jio Helpline Number
  • 1800-889-9999 Jio Helpline Number to Talk to Other Networks
  • 7000570005 JioFiber WhatsApp Mobile Number

jio customer care email id

If you want to email or chat with Jio customer care then use the following email id.

  • Jio Customer Care Email Address–
  • Jio customer care chat –
  • For new business connections –
  • Related to Online Shopping –
  • For any security vulnerability –

You can click on the link given below for Jio Customer Care Toll-Free Number and Direct Email to Jio Customer Care.
Jio Care toll-free number

Twitter: @jiocare

How to get Jio customer care by speaking? – HelloJio

Friends, HelloJio, a very amazing feature has been added to the MyJio app, with the help of the MyJio app, you can ask for the customer care number by speaking.

  1. For this, first of all, you have to install the My Jio app on your mobile.
  2. After that log in with your jio number.
  3. After logging in, friends, you will see the option of My jio search on the top, click on it.
  4. When you open it for the first time, it will ask you to choose the language, you can choose any Hindi, or English according to your choice.
  5. After that, you have to click on the mic and say Jio Customer Care Number or Jio Customer Care Number will be numbered

Talk through Jio Live Chat

A live chat option is also given in jio by installing my jio app on mobile you can live chat with jio customer care and get a solution of your problem how to do.

  1. First of all download MyJio App.
  2. After that log in with your jio number.
  3. After logging in, you have to click on Live Chat. You can write your problem by clicking on live chat, you will get the answer immediately.

What number do I have to dial to talk to a Jio customer?

To talk to a Jio customer officer, dial 199 or 1860-893-3333 if you have a Jio sim card, and you don’t have a Jio sim card, to call a BSNL, airtel Vodafone idea number Dial 1800-889-9999.

How to Talk to Jio Customer Care

Well, we have told you all the service numbers of Jio, but new users have trouble talking to Jio customer care, which means they are not able to reach the option of talking to Jio customer care if you also If you are not able to access the customer care option then follow the steps given below.

  • First of all dial 199 from your jio number.
  • After that, you will be told about the balance validity of your number.
  • Then you will be asked to press 1 for a new offer, 2 for an active plan plan and upcoming plan, and press 3 for a complaint related to network connectivity and speed
  • Now you have to talk to customer care then press 3, after that you will be asked to press the number for different complaints, any type of complaint you want to make or any type of problem you are facing, you have to The same number has to be pressed, after that, you will be connected to the customer care officer and tell them your problem.

I hope now you have understood, what is the number of jio customer care, then friends, if you want to call jio customer care, talk to jio customer care, then you can talk to jio customer care using these toll-free numbers you can get the solution to your problem. I hope how to talk to jio company. The post will prove to be very helpful for you, if you like the post, then definitely share it with your friends on social media.

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