Jio Sim Replacement – ​​How To Get Duplicate Sim Of Jio?

In this post, we are telling you how to do Jio Sim Replacement, earlier we told you how to block Jio SIM, what to do if Jio SIM is turned off and we also told you how to turn off Jio SIM again.

Nowadays the problem of SIM card failure is seen a lot if your SIM card is damaged, or stolen, then you can replace your Jio SIM card i.e. take another SIM card with the same Jio number.

Due to the failure of the SIM card, the network does not come into the mobile, so due to the failure of the SIM card, neither we are able to call anyone when the network does not come in the mobile, then how will we be able to make a call, this is also in your mind. The question must have come whether our mobile has got damaged.

Jio Sim Replacement – ​​How To Get Duplicate Sim Of Jio?

Jio Sim Replacement – ​​How To Get Duplicate Sim Of Jio?

To check whether your sim card is damaged or not you can try inserting the same sim card in another mobile, if that sim card is working equally in that mobile then suppose your sim card is correct and if that mobile I am also not getting the network Insert Sim Card is telling, then understand that your SIM card may be damaged, now you have to do SIM replacement, so let’s know how to remove duplicate SIM of Jio.

How To Get a Duplicate Sim of Jio?

If you have lost/damaged your SIM then the first thing to do is to get it switched off, for this, you can call the toll-free JioCare helpline on 199 (from your Jio SIM) or 1800 88 99999, all from any other number State’s toll-free numbers are given here to call Jio customer care or you can also mail to

  1. Once your old SIM card is switched off then visit your nearest Jio store to replace your Jio SIM.
  2. Carry your proof of address document and passport-size photograph while leaving.
  3. You have to carry the same documents through which the Jio SIM card was purchased earlier.
  4. After going to jio store, ask them to replace your jio sim card.
  5. You will be asked for the previous document of the SIM card, give them the documents, then you will be given a duplicate SIM card of the Jio number.
  6. The SIM is likely to be active for 1 to 2 hours. However, in some cases, the SIM has taken up to 4-5 hours to activate. Hence users are requested to be patient.
  7. Once your Jio SIM card is activated, it will include your talk time balance and all the plans running on your number.

So now you know Jio Sim Replacement – ​​How to get a duplicate SIM of Jio? If ever your Jio SIM card is stolen or lost, then in such a condition you should first turn off that number, we have already told you about it. You can block jio sim card by calling the customer care officer or online also, after that if you get another sim card then you can unblock it back.

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