List of Screenshot Taking App in Android Mobile Phone 2023


On many Android devices, the power and volume down buttons can be used to take screenshots. However, what if your mobile button is broken or you want to take a lengthy screenshot of any website? A screenshot-taking app is required.

This article will discuss the top 10 free mobile screenshot apps that allow you to record video of your phone’s screen and edit video in addition to taking screenshots.Let’s find out which screenshot-taking program has the ability to do, alter the snapshot, and many other capabilities.

List of Screenshot Taking App in Android Mobile Phone

List of screenshot taking apps for Android mobile phones

1.Screenit – Screenshot App +
2.Google Assistant
3.Mobizen Screen Recorder
4.Screenshot Capture
5.Screen Capture and Recorder – SCAR
6.Assistive Easy Touch
7.Screen Master
8.Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta
9.AZ Screen Recorder
10.Screenshot touch
11.Super Screenshot


is a straightforward snapshot application that enables quick editing of screenshots that you take on your Android phone.Numerous photo-editing tools are available in Screenit, including a quick crop, color effects, frames, stickers, overlays, lighting, and sharpness settings, as well as the capability to create text or lines.

Even the capability of making memes is supported.After that, sharing your altered screenshot is made simple by offering a variety of sharing choices, such as quick Imgur uploads.Screenit makes use of an easy-to-follow instruction and is accessible to all users.Nearly every setting on the Settings screen can be altered if you so choose, making Screenit truly unique.The following features are available: material design, automatic cropping, free selection mode, upload to imgur, floating screenshot button, always-on combo screenshot mode, simple editing, a variety of editing options, and quick screenshot taking.

Google Assistant

As I use Google Assistant, I’m giving it a review.By pressing my Home button, I can start Google Help.This can be incredibly helpful at times when you need to locate something quickly.

The idea behind this software is to assist users with simple activities by responding to their questions.An illustration.This website was captured by Google.You can quickly take a screen shot of the phone by saying this.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

Among all screen recorder apps, Mobizen is the best because it allows you to take screenshots of your smartphone in addition to recording video. I have been using this app since last month. This phone has good features including background noise and video editing. Video recording is crisp and of the highest caliber. I believe there is no missing word, which explains why everyone chooses to utilize this application to create videos in the first place. Millions of users download this app, and the majority of reviewers on Google Play give it five stars. The app Mobizen is great.

Screenshot Capture

The Screenshot app features a very straightforward user interface with just three straightforward buttons.You can take screenshots of your device with the “Start Capture” button, the “Images” button will take you to the screenshot gallery, and the “More Apps” button will display a list of additional Lovecara apps.As you can see, the app displays a few advertising at the bottom of the screen, but they have no bearing on how the user interacts with the app.This app’s main UI is generally fairly decent.

You only need to tap the smartphone’s default shortcuts, which may be Volume Down + Power, to take a screenshot.By device maker, this might change.For instance, pressing the Home + Power buttons together on a Samsung handset will quickly capture the Android screen.The Screenshot application will automatically run with its editor page once you take the screenshot, allowing you to make any necessary adjustments to the screenshot.It’s a fantastic editor with all the essential features, including text addition and image cropping.

Screen Capture and Recorder – SCAR

A stunning and simple-to-use screen recorder and screenshot software is SCAR.For your screen captures, screenshots, and external media, it offers extensive video and photo editing features.Get it right away and judge for yourself.Without even opening the app, you may quickly start and/or stop the capture service by using Sticky Notifications.

To make excellent instructional, overlay screen recordings using the front- or back-facing camera.Use the paintbrush on your phone’s screen to make notes on significant items while screen recording.Put your own stamp on your screen capture by adding text or image watermarks with ease.The size and transparency of watermarks are completely adjustable.Easy-to-use floating button that makes it simple to take screenshots and record the screen.It can be completely customized in terms of size, transparency, and click-action.reduce the file size of a huge video.

Assistive Easy Touch

For Android devices, Assistive Easy Touch is a helpful application.It is swift and fluid.You can quickly operate your Android smartphone by using the floating panel on the screen.

You can more easily get to all of your favorite programs, settings, and quick toggles.

The home button and volume buttons are perfectly protected by Assistive Touch.For cellphones with huge screens, this is incredibly helpful.

“This application uses accessibility services.”It is necessary and is only used to conduct worldwide activities.Go back, go home, recently opened, power dialog, notification, etc. are a few examples.To use that action, you must give this permission.

The Assistive Touch menu appears when Assistive Touch iOS 13 is activated.Drag it to any screen edge, then tap the menu to reveal it.

Go to My Apps. Enable AssistiveTouch.
Activate Services under Settings > Accessibility.

Screen Master

A free, simple, and non-rooting screenshot and photo markup tool is called Screen Master.With Screen Master, you can easily snap screenshots on your tablet, phone, or any Android device by hitting the floating button or shaking the device.Additionally, Screen Master has several annotation features, including the ability to crop, add text, add pixelated images, draw arrows, rectangles, circles, and more.You can immediately share your snapshot with your friends after editing and annotating it.No limits on usage, no need for rooting.

An excellent screenshot that was saved without loss and supported the PNG format.several aspects for image annotation.Perfectly capture websites and rapidly save them as pictures.Save screenshots to an external SD card is supported.A number of features are available in Screen Master for taking screenshots.

Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta

A Mozilla program called Firefox ScreenshotGo not only makes taking screenshots on an Android device incredibly simple, but also neatly arranges them all.

You must grant Firefox ScreenshotGo the required permissions before using it in order for it to operate normally.After then, the software places a floating button on your device’s screen that you can push to quickly snap a screenshot.Additionally, you can delete the button when taking a screenshot or reposition it so that it always rests in the least intrusive location on the screen.

Firefox ScreenshotGo not only gives you a simple way to take a screenshot, but it also arranges all the photographs.To arrange your screenshots the way you like, either use the app’s built-in categories or make your own.

The best program for those who frequently take screenshots is Firefox ScreenshotGo.This helpful tool makes it simple to take and manage screenshots on an Android device.

AZ Screen Recorder

There are many wonderful features in AZ Screen Recorder. You can capture high-quality films of your screen using all of these functions, which are included in both the program’s free and premium versions. The following are some of the most crucial capabilities of the AZ Screen Recorder software you may anticipate:

It makes it simple to capture anything that is on your screen. This includes gameplay, live shows on apps like YouTube, movies showing how apps function, and even calls you make on your device.

One of the rare apps that can record internal sounds is AZ Screen Recorder.However, this function is only accessible on Android 10 smartphones.

While filming the screen, it can also record the facecam.Facecam video displays as an overlay window that is movable anywhere on the screen.

Using AZ, recording a screen is quite simple.The controls really take the form of a floating bar that may remain active in the background for however long you need it to.

Additionally, you can use this software to turn saved movies into GIFs, which you can then simply share using other apps on the phone.

Additionally, it has a sketching tool that makes it simple to add various types of annotations to films.You may place this drawing tool even when you are filming a video.

Screenshot touch

Screenshot touch (shake tool, notification area overlay icon).Resolution, bitrate, and audio choices are available when recording screen footage to MP4.You can record a web page’s whole scroll using the in-app browser.Two techniques can be used to catch scrolls.You can select Screenshot Touch and share the URL in the web browser.Another choice is to click the globe icon on the Settings page to launch the in-app browser.

On a taken image, you can draw with a pen, text, a rectangle, a circle, a stamp, opacity, etc.sharing of screenshots to other apps under the user’s control.Choose a save directory, optional subdirectory, file format, JPEG quality, capture delay, and other parameters when setting up a capture.Optional: Persistent Notification: This lets you keep the notification in place without removing it.As a result, Screenshot Touch is simple to use.

Super Screenshot

You’re still seeking for a useful software to make screenshots on your mobile, right?
Visit “Super Screenshot” and check out its features, which include:

Simple to use; all you need to do is press the phone’s button for two seconds.

It’s so simple to alter your screenshots—just resize, doodle, add text, and add filters.

The SD card holds your screenshots.You can connect to your PC through USB to explore and copy screenshots in addition to built-in sharing.

Free of charge!utilizes Android 4.0 and above.

Now that we have discussed 11 essential apps, perhaps you are aware of which software is the best for taking screenshots on an Android device. However, if you want to take both screenshots and videos, you can utilize AZ Screen Recorder.

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