Port in jio online: How to port any number in jio online

Hello friends, once again welcome to Meenasite, today we are telling you how to port Airtel VI, BSNL sim card to Jio, by the way, you can port your number by going to offline Jio store, and its We have already told you the method, but you do not have time, you want how to port my number to Jio sitting at home, then this post will help you.

Port in jio online: How to port any number in jio online

Port in jio online: How to port any number in jio online

There are 2 ways to port your number to Jio online you can port your airtel number or any number to Jio through web browser, also you can request to port through MyJio app so let’s Know in detail about port in jio online…

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Port to Jio in Mobile : How to port a number to Jio through Jio app

You can also port your any number through MyJio app, keep reading to know about Port to Jio in Mobile .

Step 1. Open the MyJio app and then on the top of the search bar, search by typing Port .

Port to Jio in Mobile

Step 2. Then tap on Port to Jio in Mobile .

Port in to Jio

Step 3. Then tick mark the Port in to Jio option.

prepaid SIM और postpaid Sim

Step 4. Now in the next screen you will see prepaid SIM and postpaid Sim option, tick mark which SIM card you have, I have prepaid SIM card so I have tick marked prepaid SIM card.

Step 5. The app will now ask you to enter your full name and 10 digit mobile number.

Once you have entered your details and mobile number, tap on the Generate OTP button.

Step 6. Next, you will be required to fill a form which will include the details of your delivery location, including your locality, pin code and house number.

After entering the location details, click on the Confirm button .

Step 7. Thereafter, you will receive a call from a Jio executive to confirm the address for delivery of the new SIM. You have to ask them for MNP service and specify whether you need Jio prepaid or postpaid connection.

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Port in jio online: How to port your number from Jio’s official website

Step 1. First of all you have to open this link https://www.jio.com/port-to-jio-mnp in your mobile.

Step 2. After that click on the Raise Porting Request button.

Step 3. Now a popup will open, write your name and type your mobile number and click on Generate OTP button, after that verify your mobile number by entering the OTP you have received.

Port in jio online: How to port any number in jio online

Friends, after that you have to type your name address correctly as mentioned above, then any agent of Jio will contact you.

How to Port Your Number to jio Sittings at Home

You can also understand by watching the video given below to port your any company’s number to Jio while sitting at home.


Final word on Port in jio online

So now you know, how to port Airtel number to Jio online, how to port BSNL number to Jio online, how to port VI number to Jio online, that means you can port any number to Jio online. May be this was the complete guide about it.

There is no charge for online porting in Jio, you can select any recharge plan according to your choice and you will be charged accordingly.

If any question is coming in your mind before porting mobile number then you can read this post FAQ about Mobile Number Porting

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