Stop Unnecessary Calls and SMS By Activating DND Service on BSNL Sim

how to activate DND in BSNL  Here we are telling you how to stop incoming calls and messages from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, the government telecom company BSNL, if you are troubled by the incoming calls, and messages from the company then this post is going to be very helpful for you.

Because in this post we are telling how to activate the DND service on BSNL SIM, after activating the DND service, the calls and messages coming from the company on your BSNL mobile will be completely stopped.

What is DND?

Stop Unnecessary Calls and SMS By Activating DND Service on BSNL Sim

The full form of DND is Do Not Disturb in Hindi. Calls and messages have started to stop.

Mobile numbers registered with DND (Do Not Disturb), as per the guidelines of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, shall not receive calls from any unsolicited marketing and advertisements, if they receive any kind of message, or call, So they can file a complaint against the sender to TRAI.

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How to Activate DND Service on BSNL Sim?

We are telling you the complete process to activate the DND service on BSNL Sim, there are two types of DND service.

  1. Full DND: In this, all incoming calls and SMS can be stopped by the company.
  2. Partial DND:  In this, you can choose the category as per your wish, which category should be SMS, Call should come, and which category should not come.

Partial DND Category

You can choose according to the category given below

  1. Banking, Insurance, Credit Cards, Financial Products
  2. Real State
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Consumer Goods & Automobiles
  6. Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment, IT
  7. Tourism

Activate DND via SMS

To activate DND on your own number by sending an SMS, type  START 0 in the message box,  keep in mind that you have to write START in capital letter i.e. in capital letters then send DND Service Number to 1909, Full DND will be activated on your number and the company Incoming calls/messages will be stopped.

If you want to turn off the call messages of only a few categories, then in the above category, you have to add the number of that category, for example, suppose you have Banking, Insurance, Credit Cards, and Financial Product calls / SMS closed. If you want to do it, you have to send it by typing START  1.

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  • Banking, Insurance, Credit Cards, Financial Products के लिए START 1 Send To 1909
  • START 2 Send To 1909 for Real State
  • START 3 Send To 1909 for Education
  • START 4 ​​Send To 1909 for Health
  • Consumer Goods & Automobiles के लिए START 5 Send To 1909
  • Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment, IT के लिए START 6 Send To 1909
  • START 7 Send To 1909 for Tourism
  • For full DND send by typing START 0

How to Deactivate DND

You can also deactivate Do Not Disturb (DND) through SMS to re-receive company calls and messages on your mobile number, for this you have to message 1909 by writing STOP.

After that Do Not Disturb (DND) service will be deactivated on your number and calls/messages will start coming again from the company, in this way you can activate/deactivate the DND service on your number through a message.

Activate DND Service by Calling?

To activate the DND service through call, you have to call 1909 and then follow the instructions given by IVR, apart from this, you can also start the Do Not Disturb (DND) service by calling customer care.

Specific information about DND

  • It may take 3 to 7 days for the DND service to be activated. Promotional call calls and SMS will continue to come on your mobile till the DND service is not activated.
  • DND service is absolutely free, there is no charge for it.
  • Once Do Not Disturb (DND) is activated, it cannot be deactivated for 3 months.
  • Activating the DND service will not stop bank account alerts, call messages, OTP, or calls and SMS from any person, this service is only for incoming calls and SMS from mobile network companies.
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In this way you can activate and deactivate the DND service on your BSNL Sim I hope you have got complete information about how to activate DND in BSNL,  DND Service Activate  If you like the post then share it with your friends on social media.

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