Stylish Fb Color Codes List for Fb Comment status

Stylish Fb Color Codes List for Fb Comment status: In this post, you will tell how to make Facebook comments and statuses colorful with Fb Color Codes.

Similarly, you can also make your comment on Facebook stylish and colorful, you can comment by choosing the color as per your wish like red color, blue color, green color, purple color, pink color, orange color, etc.

Stylish Fb Color Codes List for Fb Comment status

Color codes are used to write color text, and each color has its own unique code, I am sharing with you Stylish Fb Color Codes, and Magic Fb codes List, you can easily use them while commenting on your Facebook. can do

Stylish Fb Color Codes List for Fb Comment status
Stylish Fb Color Codes ListColor Name List
<fg = b0ffd700>Golden
<fgfg = b000000 = b000000b0000000>black
<fg = b0ff7f00>orange
<fg = b0ffff00>yellow
<fg = b0ff00ff>Light pink
<fg = b0ff007f>dark pink
<fg = b0ff0000>red pink
<fg = b0800000>brown
<fg = b0ffc0cb>light purple
<fg = b06f00ff>dark blue
<fg = b0c0c0c0>gray
<fg = 80ffffff>The sky is blue
<fg = b000ffff>light blue
<fg = b0bf00ff>purple
<fg = b08f00ff>dark purple
<fg = b0808000>mehndi green
<fg = b0ba55d3>light purple
<fg = b0f000f0>magenta
<fg = b00000ff>Blue
<fg = b0b08080>steel Grey
<fg = b0000080>trend
<fg = b0964b00>light brown
<fg = f0f00f0f>red
<fg = b000ff00>green

How To Use Stylish Fb Color Codes?

Fb Color Codes, Magic Fb codes In the codes List, you can use someone’s color code while commenting on the Facebook page, or Facebook group, if you do not know how to use Facebook color code, then let’s know how to use Facebook color code do

How To Change FB Comment Color

 In whatever color you want to comment in the above Fb Color Codes, Magic Fb codes List, then first log in to your Facebook account and then paste Fb Color Codes in the comment box of any friend’s post that you want to comment on.  post your comment

Example: <fg = f0f00f0f> meenasite

How to Change FB Comment Background Color?

If you want to change the comment background on Facebook, you have to use bg instead of FG.

Example: <bg = f0f00f0f> meenasite

How To Bold FB Comment

If you want to make the comment text bold while commenting then use <b>code>

Example : <b> <fg = f0f00f0f> meenasite

Use “FG” to change the text color and “bg” for the background color and use <b> to make the text bold.

Note:  Keep in mind this Facebook color code will work only on the Facebook lite app i.e. Facebook official app, if you want to use it in the browser then it will not work in the browser.

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Now you must have understood how to write in Fb Comment Color  Stylish Fb Color Codes List for Fb Comment status  If you liked it then definitely share it with your friends.

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