Best Tata Play (Tata Sky) DTH Recharge Plans and Offers Under Rs 300, according to the 2023 price list for Tata Play packages

In its place is Tata Play, which used to be Tata Sky. The DTH provider rebranded 18 years after it first appeared on the market. In 2004, Tata Sons and 21st Century Fox formed a partnership to establish Tata Sky. As part of its rebranding, the company is offering a range of exciting new services to its clientele. The company claims that those who sign up for Tata Play will get free service calls and discounted bundled OTT subscriptions with their DTH subscription. There are presently thirteen over-the-top (OTT) options available through the company’s Taa Play Binge service.

Despite this, the company provides a plethora of DTH packages to its customers, each of which features a diverse channel lineup. However, the company’s extensive package options may make it challenging for some customers to settle on a single plan. If you are a Tata Play customer, you have come to the right place, since we will not tolerate any confusion on your part.

Today, we’ll go through which Rs 300 Tata Play DTH packages have the most channels in India. The best Tata Play DTH bundles are listed here, so don’t waste any more time.

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The Best Tata Play (previously Tata Sky) DTH Recharge Packages Under Rs 300

Name of the packPrice (in Rs)Number of Channels Offered
Hindi Dhamaal Pack.Rs. 200.392 channels.
Hindi Super Value HD Pack.Rs. 160.4649 channels.
Marathi Hindi Super Value HD Pack.Rs. 230.3257 channels.
Marathi Super Value.Rs. 69.8119 channels.
Gujarati Hindi Dhamaal Pack.Rs. 196.6193 channels.
Gujarati Hindi Super Value HD Pack.Rs. 163.0654 channels.
Tamil Thalaiva Sports Kids.Rs .281.7886 channels.
Tamil Thalaiva HDS.Rs. 156.4759 Channels.
Telugu Dhamaal.Rs. 192.7757 channels.
Telugu Super Value HD.Rs. 187.0434 channels.
Kannada Dhamaal HD.Rs. 273.4251 channels.
Kannada Sports Kids.Rs. 261.9180 channels.
Malayalam Sports Kids.Rs. 250.8674 channels.
Malayalam Dhamaal HD.Rs. 265.6233 channels.
Bangla Hindi Dhamaal.Rs. 213.5888 channels.
Bangla Hindi Super Value HD.Rs 229.8664 channels.
Odia Super Value.Rs 77.1817 channels.
Odia Lite.Rs 233.1364 channels.

Tata Play DTH Plans in Hindi Language.

Hindi Dhamaal Pack DTH Plan

The cost of the Hindi Dhamaal Pack on Tata Play is Rs 203. The production of the Hindi Dhamaal Pack began a full month ago. There are 92 channels in all. There are a total of 15 Hindi entertainment networks, including 10 Hindi news networks, 6 Hindi sports networks, 10 Hindi knowledge and lifestyle networks, and 8 Hindi children’s networks.

Hindi Super Value HD DTH Plan

Tata Play Hindi Lite HD Pack may be purchased for Rs 160.46. The package is good for one month. Ten high-definition channels and 39 standard-definition channels are available. There are now a total of 49 available channels. There are a total of 9 Hindi entertainment channels, 12 Hindi movie channels, and 10 Hindi news channels available throughout the various networks.

Tata Play DTH Plans in Marathi Language.

Marathi Hindi Super Value HD DTH Plan

There is a price of Rs. 230.32 for the Tata Play Marathi Hindi Super Value HD Pack. The recharging plan is good for a full month. In total, you’ll have access to 57 channels, 14 of which are high-definition and 43 of which are standard definition. Nine Hindi entertainment channels, ten Hindi news channels, nine Hindi films, twelve Marathi channels, and more are all available to subscribers.

Marathi Super Value DTH Plan

The Marathi Super Value pack from Tata Play comes with a price of Rs 69.81 per month. The pack offers a total of 19 SD channels.

Tata Play DTH Plans in Gujarati

Gujarati Hindi Dhamaal Pack Details

The Tata Play Gujarati Hindi Dhamaal Pack costs Rs 194.61. There is a one-month time limit on the pack’s use. Customers will receive 93 additional channels as a result.

Gujarati Hindi Super Value HD Pack

The monthly cost of Tata Play’s Gujarati Hindi Super Value HD pack is Rs 163.06. Ten high-definition channels and forty-four standard-definition channels are included in the package.

Tata Play DTH Plans in Tamil Language.

Tamil Thalaiva Sports Kids DTH Plan

The Tata Play Tamil Thalaiva Sports Kids Pack is up next. Tata Play’s DTH package costs Rs 281.78 for a month’s worth of service. There are a total of 86 channels available with this package.

Tamil Thalaiva HDS DTH Plan

The Tamil Thalaiva HDS package provides 59 channels to its subscribers, 9 of which are high definition and 50 of which are standard definition. The Tamil Thalaiva HDS Pack costs Rs. 156.47 for a period of one month.

Tata Play DTH Plans in Telugu Language.

Telugu Dhamaal DTH Plan

The cost of the Telugu Dhamaal Pack is 192.77 Indian rupees. It is good for 30 days. The Tata Play package includes 57 channels, so there’s plenty to choose from. In addition to the 19 Telugu stations, there are 9 Hindi news channels, 5 sports networks, 5 children’s networks, and more.

Telugu Super Value HD DTH Plan

Prices start at Rs. 187.04 for the Tata Play Telugu Super Value HD Pack. It is good for 30 days. There are a total of 34 channels available to subscribers of the Telugu Super Value HD Pack on Tata Play, 9 of which are high definition and 25 of which are standard definition. There are 18 Telugu channels, 13 English news networks, 10 lifestyle and knowledge channels, 4 sports channels, 4 children’s channels, 3 music stations, and more.

Tata Play DTH Plans in Kannada Language

Kannada Dhamaal HD DTH Plan

The Tata Play Kannada Dhamaal HD Pack comes up next. The monthly cost of this bundle is Rs. 273.42. A total of 51 channels, 16 in high definition and 35 in standard definition, are included in the bundle. Included in the package are a total of 12 Kannada channels, 9 Hindi news stations, 4 Hindi entertainment networks, and more.

Kannada Sports Kids DTH Plan

Tata Play’s Kannada Super Value Sports Kids plan costs Rs 261.91 for a month of service. Totaling 80 stations, the Kannada Super Value Sports Kids Pack is a great deal for families. Included in this bundle are 12 Kannada language stations, 5 informational and lifestyle stations, 4 children’s stations, and more.

Tata Play DTH Plans in Malayalam

Malayalam Sports Kids DTH Plan

There are several great extras included in the Malayalam Sports Kids Pack. A monthly commitment of Rs. 250.86 is required to begin using it. This bundle provides access to 74 channels. Included in this package are not just 11 Malayalam channels but also 13 children’s, 10 English news, 13 sports, 13 informational, and 13 lifestyle channels.

Malayalam Dhamaal HD DTH Plan

A monthly fee of Rs. 265.62 is required to maintain the package. The package provides access to 33 paid channels, including 15 high-definition and 18 standard-definition options.

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Tata Play DTH Plans in Bengali Language.

Bangla Hindi Dhamaal DTH Plan

The Tata Play Bangla Hindi Dhamaal Pack has a monthly validity and costs Rs 213.58. The Bengali-Hindi Dhamaal package provides 88 channels to its subscribers. You’ll find a wide variety of languages and genres represented here, from Bengali (9) to Hindi (15 entertainment, 15 movies, 9 news) and beyond.

Bangla Hindi Super Value HD DTH Plan

Tata Play’s DTH package is packed with useful features. To begin with, subscribers will receive 28 high-definition channels and 36 standard-definition channels. This adds up to 64 premium channels in total. Monthly payments of Rs 229.86 are required to maintain this plan.

Tata Play DTH Plans in Odia Language

Odia Super Value DTH Plan

Tata Play’s Odia Super Value package costs Rs 77.18 per month. The newest package includes 17 premium channels.

Odia Lite DTH Plan

Tata Play’s Odia Lite DTH package is up next. There are a total of 64 SD channels available with this bundle. You can buy it for just Rs. 233.13 per month right now.

Is the base pack mandatory in Tata Play?

Tata Play and other direct-to-home (DTH) service users in India are required by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) to purchase a “base pack” before they can begin watching television. According to the TRAI judgment, the minimum channel package that a customer can select is one that includes 100 channels. In addition, subscribers have the flexibility to curate their own channel lineup or use Tata Play’s pre-made option.

What is NCF in Tata Play DTH?

Network Capacity Fee is the abbreviation for this. There are two components to a subscription: NCF and the channels you choose to watch. Every DTH provider must pay the NCF for the privilege of including free channels in the package. This is also true of Tata Play. The first price for up to 200 free channels offered by the operator will be Rs 130 per month plus taxes. That comes out to a whopping Rs 153.40 every calendar month. Premium tier 201 and above subscribers would be charged Rs 160 per month plus taxes, for a total of Rs 188.80.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you choose the right Tata Play DTH package?

You can choose the optimal Tata Play DTH package in a number of ways. If you’re looking to customize your channel lineup, this is the place to do it. You should also think about whether or not you need high-definition (HD) channels. Choosing from the Tata Play bundled bundles, which come with a wide range of channels, is the most foolproof method. These bundles can cover a wide variety of topics, from sports to movies to news to music to lifestyle.

How many DTH TV channels does Tata Play offer?

At the moment, Tata Sky provides more than 600 DTH TV channels and services in both SD and HD quality.

When was the Tata Play service launched in India?

Before changing its name to Tata Play, the partnership between Tata Sons and TFCF Corporation went by the name Tata Sky. Established in 2001, the company first offered its wares to the public in 2006. The name Tata Sky was changed to Tata Play in the first month of 2022.

What are the various types of Tata Play set-top boxes available?

In India, you can choose from one of four unique Tata Play set-top boxes. The first is the Tata Play SD, which can be purchased for Rs 1,499. In India, the cost of a Tata Sky HD set-top box is 1,699 Indian rupees. Moving on, the Tata Play Binge+ Set-top Box is now available for Rs 2,199 and features a month-long subscription to both Tata Play Binge and Amazon Prime Video. Last but not least, we have the Rs 4,999 Tata Play+ HD set-top box.

What is the minimum Tata Play recharge value?

Tata Play minimum recharge cost is Rs 48.60. The Hindi Bachat pack has 38 channels and costs $9.99 per month.

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