Top 5 Horror Games: You Must Play on Android and iOS Devices

The horror subgenre has been a mainstay of video games since their infancy, and for good reason. Unlike passively watching a horror film, the player in a horror video game is an active participant in the terrible events that unfold.

There have been some truly remarkable horror games released for PC and consoles over the years, and mobile has finally caught up. More genres than ever are available on mobile, and horror fans may find plenty of excellent titles for their Android or iOS smartphones.

There is a wide variety of mobile horror games, from asymmetrical multiplayers to evocative single-player experiences. The top ones are listed below: games fans of the horror genre shouldn’t miss out on.

Top 5 Horror Games: You Must Play on Android and iOS Devices

Top 5 Horror Games: You Must Play on Android and iOS Devices

Honorable Mentions:

  • Telltale’s The Walking Dead
  • Distraint
  • Thimbleweed park

5. Eyes

Eyes has a straightforward premise, but it doesn’t take away from the movie’s multilayered, chilling atmosphere. The game’s sound design is the main attraction, thus it’s recommended that you play it with headphones while you run from terrifying monsters in the night.

Games like Outlast, in which players’ primary weapon is the ability to flee rather than battle, are clear inspirations for this title. This creates an extremely tense cat-and-mouse game as the players desperately try to throw the monster off their track by rushing from room to room.

If you’re searching for a solid, old-fashioned atmospheric horror experience, Eyes is a simple and engaging game with a ton to offer.

4 . Dead Effect 2

Dead Effect 2 does a great job of living up to the brilliant notion that made it the spiritual successor to Dead Space on mobile. In addition to the standard “run and hide from big, scary alien” gameplay, Dead Effect 2 features a robust and unique RPG-style progression system that grants the player a great deal of control over the game’s events.

The game’s outstanding visuals and exciting gameplay are complemented with an interesting plot. Dead Effect 2 is a sci-fi shooter at heart, and it offers a lot of neat features, such as the ability to customize your character with different weapons, skills, and powers as you level up.

The brilliance of Dead Effect 2 lies in the fact that players will never feel unprepared to face the game’s terrible powers of darkness.

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3. Fran Bow

While the other entries on the list have all been atmospheric horror or science fiction shooters, Fran Bow stands out as the most intellectual and psychological. The player of the adventure game Fran Bow assumes the role of Fran, who must confront her own demons while solving the case of her parents’ abduction.

Fran Bow is a genuinely disturbing psychological horror game, and while it may lack chopped limbs and ugly aliens, it will nonetheless keep players up for weeks. Fran Bow stands out among a sea of fantastic horror games because it has one of the most well-crafted and well-paced narratives in the mobile game space.

2 . Five Nights at Freddy’s

Everyone remembers the party where someone brought Five Nights at Freddy’s and numerous people were traumatized for weeks thereafter. More people will be able to experience the chilling brilliance of this online sensation now that the game is accessible on Android in addition to iOS.

Like Eyes, Five Nights at Freddy’s is based on a deceptively simple premise, but thanks to its near-perfect execution, it rarely seems like that. The game is an excellent example of how to implement effective jump scares in a video game.

Like the entertaining, B-movie horror from the 1980s that you can’t stop watching because it’s so much fun again and again, Five Nights at Freddy’s is like that.

1 . Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight, one of the biggest surprise blockbusters on PC and consoles, is just as enjoyable on mobile. The game is an asymmetrical PvP experience in which one player takes on the role of a formidable beast and fights against four other players.

This 4v1 format with friends makes for a fantastically entertaining evening of gaming, but that doesn’t lessen the absolute horror of it all. Playing with friends might be lighthearted and humorous, but if you’re playing with a random group, the monster could be real.

Players can assume the role of a slasher movie villain like Freddy Krueger or Jason from the “Friday the 13th” films.

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